Ephrata Martial Arts is the largest, most successful martial arts school in the Ephrata, Pennsylvania area. The martial arts academy has been a part of the Ephrata community since 1997, offering the very best in mixed martial arts training—making Ephrata Martial Arts known throughout the region as the Ephrata and Lancaster County area’s premier mixed martial arts academy. Ephrata Martiwal Arts offers training in mixed martial arts disciplines including Kickboxing, Grappling and Submission Wrestling / SAMBO, Kung Fu, and Self Defense for kids, teens and adults of all ages and skill levels.

Home to some of the nation’s top talent in martial arts, Ephrata Martial Arts continually produces accomplished athletes that rank among some of the top in the country in grappling, kickboxing and competitive forms and weapons performances. Some of these top-level martial artists are also instructors and coaches at Ephrata Martial Arts, ensuring that the quality of your martial arts training is unequaled—the best the Ephrata and Lancaster County area has to offer!

Any one of the over 100 students and staff at Ephrata Martial Arts can explain the proven physical benefits of martial arts training such as increased overall fitness, coordination, flexibility, strength, and speed. We could also list the mental incentives of training in the martial arts such as increased focus, discipline, self-confidence, stress relief and sense of achievement. But there’s more. There’s something more that we just can’t put into words. It makes martial arts different than any other sport or recreational activity. It keeps students of Ephrata Martial Arts coming back class after class, year after year, some for the rest of their lives. What is it? Come in, try us out, and find out for yourself!


  • Mother of Students says:

    Ephrata Martial Arts is a solid instructional school in Kung Fu, Grappling, SAMBO, Kickboxing and full MMA training. Whether you’re there to train for any upcoming fights / tournaments or just there to get into shape, the results are the same…PERFECTION and WINS!! My kids have been champions for the past 3 years and is just getting better with the discipline and focus that works outside its doors!! We have competed up against some of the best in the country and loved the challenges!!

    You want results?? Train at Ephara Martial Arts!!!

  • jimbo slice says:

    The first review must have been written by the owner. This place sucks, very dirty a crapy little ring, the locker room is filthy and only has one room. There are no certifications anywhere to be found, he teaches moves that are illegal in compatition bjj, ex. bicep crusher, while teacher comp bjj. the rudest person I have ever tried to train with I would not recomend my worst enemy to train there. And his website is 4 yrs old with pics and video of students who no longer train there. I do not know what happened to this school but it went down hill quick.

  • mike D. says:

    We ao had the same experience. Rude ignorant instructor. Plus he lashes out on students and parents using profanity during class. Son got ringworm from there. It is a mess for 98.00 a month NOT WORTH IT.

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