F.I.T. Martial Arts Academy, located in Frazer, Pennsylvania, specializes in teaching Authentic Muay Thai, Kali Eskrima, Penjak Silat, Fitness Kickboxing and Children’s Character Development.   Whether you want to just get in shape to look and feel good, meet cool new friends, learn self-defense, or compete- FIT Martial Arts Academy has a program for you!  Contact us NOW to get started in your own personal transformation of body and mind!

At the F.I.T. Martial Arts Academy, Muay Thai training takes on many different levels. Some students choose to embrace the training solely for its physical intensity and conditioning while others wish to pursue the next level by testing their abilities in the ring.

Whatever your personal goal may be, each and every student gets the opportunity to learn our complete system under a controlled, highly organized and professional curriculum. Our trademark is the unique structure of our classes. YOU WILL LEARN at F.I.T. Martial Arts Academy. The communication level between student and teacher here is exceptional.

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