Master Dan’s Reality Mixed Martial Arts program or (RMMA) is designed for practical self defense.  It is comprised of many different styles of martial arts including Hapkido, Jiu Jitsu, Submission Wrestling, Judo, Boxing, Freestyle, Muay Thai and Dirty Boxing.  Many of the techniques you will learn are used by law enforcement and military Special Forces. RMMA VS MMA RMMA Including headbutts, groin strikes, small joint manipulation (breaking fingers etc.), and kicks/knees to the head when an opponent is down are allowed too.  Which are all illegal in the MMA/UFC.  Master Dan Massimini is located in Newtown, Pennsylvania, in the greater Philadelphia area.


  • Paul M says:

    Master Dan’s RMMA program helped me build confidence over the last couple of months faster than any other martial art I have taken. His masterful techniques work extremely well and continue to impress me every time. I learn something new every class and can’t wait to come back for more!

    Thank you Master Dan!

  • Kendall Beard says:

    Master Dan is an amazing teacher! He really cares about if you are doing everything correctly and if you understand what you are doing. I know that when I first started in his classes I had no idea what I was doing but soon enough he made it clear. He is a great teacher and an even more amazing person.

  • Sacha Wade says:

    Master Dan is amazing! I’ve learned more mixed martial arts from Master Dan than any other teacher. Not only is he an immensely knowledgable and dynamic instructor, he will get you into the best shape of your life. He’s friendly and caring but knows how to motivate! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced martial artist, looking to become a pro fighter, or just wanting to gain practical self-defense skills -I guarantee you will be impressed with Master Dan. So do yourself a favor and join one of his classes today!

  • Taufiq Azam says:

    If you are looking to have fun or actually learn how to defend yourself Master Dans class is the best. I learned more than an entire year of training at any other gym. When he started to teach I was able to apply it to real like. Earlier in BJJ I used a lot of Gi chokes but He taught me more of street oriented type. So i used a lot of no Gi moves and His class boosted my BJJ ability. If you are looking to seriously train, cardio, or anything this is the class for you.

    -Taufiq Azam

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