Nak Muay Gym in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, is the second location in Bucks County, along with our original location in Doylestown. Our specialty is working with beginners. The first step is to call or stop by. Then you will be asked to come in and try an introductory class. In your first couple of classes you’ll learn basic footwork and how to move properly.

We’ll also show you how to wrap your hands and how to punch properly so you don’t hurt yourself. We’ll go over some basic punches and kicks, and put a few combinations together. You will learn how to use the heavy bag, as well as the focus mitts. If you desire even more special attention, we also offer private one on one sessions. Regardless of your age, gender, experience level or athletic ability, all our programs are designed for you, the individual!

Our goal here at Nak Muay Gym is to help you to achieve your goals, what ever that may be. Whether it’s to tone and sculpt your body and be in the best shape of your life, or to learn many varieties of proven and effective martial arts systems. We have a program that is designed for every individual.

Nak Muay Gym is located near the King of Prussia Mall.


  • Chuck says:

    Kru Eric is a phenomenal instructor. I have been a member of a few gyms, and I don’t know how to quantify it, but Kru Eric has the innate ability to have a game plan in his head for the direction of every student of the entire gym. He has the ability to work with pros and beginners alike. His credentials are unmatched in the Philadelphia area, and he’s a pretty rad dude. I can’t say enough, great instructor, great gym.

  • Mike says:

    Dear Reader,
    This gym is actually very good. The big problem is they pitch to heck out of the owner and he never teaches. They still have a top notch instructor team and the classes are really fun but they said one thing and are doing another. They recently changed the class times and made everything based on an upgrade but its like $100 extra a month right off the bat to take more classes. I cant afford $250 bucks a month for 2 full years. That’s not what i thought i signed up for. They do have some fighters there but no team. Its kinda thrown together. The sales guy is good. Really good. I wasn’t planning on signing anything but at the end of the day i was signing a $1,850.00 dollar contract so be careful! You will have fun and you will get in shape, but you should be sure you know what your getting.

  • Sammy O says:

    Nak Muay Gym is a great place to train and learn a martial art. Eric Karner is hands down the very best striking coach I have ever worked with and he runs a great program at the gym. The students really bring an exciting and welcoming atomsphere to the gym. The instructors are all high level competitors who are extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

  • Douglas says:

    Horrible management. Two great instructors, Bill and Sam. Fraudulent term agreements with gym. expensive. Good instructor base, but they just want people in the door and money out of your pocket. Expensive and large classes. Cheaper alternatives

  • Diana says:

    Nak Muay school is a great place to learn Martial Arts! The instructors are great, they are not only the best at what they do, but they are great role models. The school is like a big family everyone is very friendly and helpful, the energy is great! Its a great place to be.
    This school welcomes everyone Men, Women, children, it doesn’t matter what age everyone is welcome! I love training there, and I met a bunch of wonderful people there as well
    If you wanna try something different not just a gym check out Nak Muay Gym You won’t be disappointed

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