At the Mixed Martial Arts Academy of Fort Mill, South Carolina, we take the training beyond the competitive ring, instructing our students of how best to use the techniques of professional Mixed Martial Arts for street level self defense. With the popularity of mixed martial arts increasing, we, the MMA Academy of Fort Mill, feel the art should be available to all who wish to learn, not just those who wish to fight professionally. Unlike other schools we do not offer MMA classes stuck in between other disciplines, and we do not restrict the best training for ‘invitation only’ groups, at our facility, everyone can learn to utilize the techniques you see performed by professional fighters!

The Staff at the MMA Academy of Fort Mill is dedicated to providing the highest level of training to their students, in addition to helping them meet their strength and conditioning goals.

Our training methods are specifically developed to allow every student, regardless of age or current physical condition, the ability to learn professional Mixed Martial Arts techniques.

* Boxing/Kickboxing
* Wrestling
* Submission Grappling
* Strength and Conditioning

Our children’s classes offer the full range of MMA training to our students. Children train in the same techniques as the adult class, enabling them to develop a sound MMA foundation. The MMA Academy of Fort Mill regularly competes in Point Fighting in various local, state, and regional tournaments.

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