Armbar MMA in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, offers Mixed Martial Arts programs involving all aspects of the sport; focused on creating a strong, well rounded fighter. From the touch of the gloves, to the tap or knock out, we cover it all. Our training is strictly “real world” style, just like that seen in the octagon. Not that there’s anything wrong with traditional practice and competition, but we firmly believe that a person fights exactly the way they train, through repetition and reflex. Anything less in a real fight would spell disaster. We have programs for everyone that fit all skill levels and age groups.

Ready to go hardcore?  Armbar MMA offers intense training for those who aspire to one day compete professionally in Mixed Martial Arts.  We currently sponsor fighters who compete regionally.  If you have any other questions, please contact Bobby McClain, Senior Instructor.


  • Cap'n Howdy says:

    Armbar MMA is the best MMA school in middle tennessee. I have been to a few different gyms and Armbar beats them in all aspects!

  • Paul Gardiner says:

    Armbar MMA is another example of a school who doesn’t have the right credentials to be considered anything more than average. The comment above is an opinion and nothing more. An MMA school usually consists of a black belt in BJJ, a pro boxer, pro muay thai and strength and condition coaches. Armbar has none of those. Blue belts as instructors, do not quailify to teach and run a gym as their main coaches. They send in fighters with less than a year experience in mma to fight in the cage. And their excuse is to gain ”experience”.

    In my opinion, Armbar MMA fis the pretend mma school that wants to be like everyone else. Desperate for recognition, they send in anyone who wants to fight in the cage regardless of talent or skill. In my opinion, I give this school a 2/5 based on actual instruction, ethic, morality, gym size, equipment and everything an mma gym is supposed to have and be.

  • DAVE says:

    GREAT SCHOOL… teachers with a passion for the sport…

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