At Elite Martial Arts in Kingston Springs, Tennessee, we teach a combination of Tae Kwon Do, a Korean style of martial arts, Escrima, limited ground grappling and heavy self-defense from other martial arts styles.  Our classes stress conditioning, stretching, kicking and punching.  We also put a heavy emphasis on bunkai which is the fighting applications of the kata’s (patterns or forms), self defense and street techniques–we do not train for tournaments.

Most of our self defense techniques come from the Elite Mixed Martial Arts program.  These were designed to be more practical in an attack response. Stress drills as well as multiple attacks are practiced.  All classes include sparring. No pressure is placed on lower belts to spar until they feel ready. Intermediate levels spar with light contact.  Senior belts spar more aggressively using stand up, ground and muay thai techniques, but with control.  Classes are designed to be safe for all ages and genders.

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