USA Karate and Mixed Martial Arts is the only American Top Team certified school in the mid-south. With backgrounds in Shotokan Karate, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Tactical Defense and Brazilian Jujitsu our team has it all. When it comes to MMA you just can’t get better than American Top Team or ATT, they are the largest fight team in the world!  When it became time to teach MMA, Mr. Beard did not just want to hang a sign on the wall and claim to teach MMA he searched for the best. He then sent himself and his entire team to ATT headquarters to get certified as level one instructors.

The school was open in 1996 by Master Instructor Robby Beard on the principles of self-protection. “I want a school that teaches practical self- defense in a fun and SAFE manner”. With a law enforcement background Mr. Beard understood the importance of not limiting oneself to one style of protection, but a carefully thought out blend of the most successful systems in the world.

Not only do our student learn MMA as seen in the UFC but they learn knife, gun and impact weapon defense along with third party attacks, this is one reason the Bartlett SWAT team has choose USA MMA for their training.

Its one thing to know Martial Arts, its another thing to teach it, this is why USA MMA is the only school in the area with certified instructors through the Martial Arts Industry association or MAIA. This assures that each class will be FUN, EDUCATIONAL, and most important SAFE!!

Please call or better yet stop in and check out our state of the art school, we have heavy bags that raise and lower, swain mats and a cage to practice self-defense.  We also invested in an official Red Man Suite for full contact applications.  All instructors are CPR certified as well.

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