Castro’s Martial Arts Academy is a private academy located in Mission, Texas, that offers Mixed Martial Arts and Self Defense classes. Our primary focus is self development and self discipline. We believe in creating every new student with good character, self esteem, self confidence and respect. The best thing about our academy is that there is no middle man like in other schools in between you the student and the master instructor. Meaning that all the classes are taught by Master Instructor Mr. Alfredo Castro himself. In addition, Castro’s Martial Arts Academy offers Private traditional kung fu classes as well.

Mixed Martial Arts Classes:
This program is offered to all students in any style who decide to take their martial arts journey to the next level and that want to learn mixed martial arts applications with out taking traditional classes from Castro’s Martial Arts. This is a highly intense program. This class is straight out combative concepts. It will teach you how to use your martial arts to your best ability for mixed martial arts competitions. These applications are strictly for use in the cage or ring only.

Results of Class:
* Physical Conditioning
* Strength and Power
* Speed and Accuracy
* Endurance

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