CTC Martial Arts in Carollton, Texas, is Dallas’ premier MIXED MARTIAL ARTS & FITNESS facility for the whole family. The CTC’s program offers mixed martial arts with a focus on fitness and health for both the adults and youth. All students are taught the fundamentals of arts such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, and American Boxing.

We offer Children’s Karate programs based on age range. The children will learn traditional kicks and punches, with an emphasis on agility, balance, coordination, humility and RESPECT for themselves and their fellow man.

CTC also offers Power Fitness Programs where each student is given personalized attention. Some students may choose to be placed on a fitness program, which provides them with improved cardiovascular health, strengthens their bodies, slims and trims their physiques and increases their flexibility as well as changes their eating habits for life.

CTC Martial Arts is now located at the American Indoor Sports Facility in Carrollton.

As a highly modernized traditional Kung Fu San Soo school, CTC also exposes its students to reality based self-defense. This art’s utilization of highly scientific principles of physics involving movement and leverage, as well as intense concentration and controlled breathing, gives the fighter extreme power.


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