Salangsang Fighting Systems Mixed Martial Arts (SFS MMA), now with our new location in Garland, Texas, offers Muay Thai, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, and Mixed Martial Arts. We have some of the top Coaches, Sensei and master in what they teach and train in, so come and join one of the many classes we have!






  • Alex RIos says:

    are all located near the blockbuster on beltline
    how much is the cost per month

  • brandon lawrence says:

    this is a great gym. it cost 120.00 a month. kids classes,womens kick boxing,mens classes. even if you dont want to be in cage matches. wonderful staff who really work with you to learn, plus the guys who have been there for a while have worked with me so i can advance 7 year old loves it. the bond with everyone who trains there is uncommonly great. word team is defined by this gym.

  • Jack Holley says:

    This Gym is great I have been there twice 2 months apart from each other and master and sensei still remembered me!

  • Read me says:

    120 a month is kinda crazy I went to my girlfriends in green V and her gym was much bigger and she only pays 65 a month I don’t see the need for this gym to be 120

  • Steve says:

    If you are looking for a “gym” this is not the place. This is a mma gym. If you want to learn jujitsu, mu tai, and judo and how to put them all together this is the best place. I have attend to of the larger more name brand mma gyms and this gym give 10 times more personal attention. In the mma gym world $120 is cheap you are looking and $150 plus for the norgera and lions den. You get hand on training from the sensei and master here.

  • James Blanton says:

    Check it out, i have been with SFS MMA way before they even relocated, i was with them along with my cousin two weeks before they even opened the doors. Still puttin mats down gettin the cage together. I tell you this much ever since i stepped foot inside those doors it has been OUTSTANDING!!!! You get one on one training, and your worked with everyday your in there. I dont train there much anymore, but i tell you this there are no friends in that gym………..ITS ALL FAMILY!!! And thats what its all about.

  • Salangsang says:

    This gym is awesome we have been open in Mesquite for over 4 years. We have relocated 1 year ago to 1220 N Town East Blvd #230 Mesquite Tx 75150 ! Come check us out !!!

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