Texas Jiujitsu is a University of Texas student organization dedicated to bringing Brazilian Jiujitsu practice and instruction to the campus of U.T. in Austin, Texas. For a number of years members of the U.T. community have gotten together informally to train in the art of Brazilian Jiujitsu. It wasn’t until last year that a club was officially formed by David DeLaCerda and Seth Fuller.

Each semester the members of the Texas Jiu jitsu club pay dues and hire an instructor to conduct one to two classes per week. Members can wear a gi (just like your traditional judo uniform with a belt) or no gi (just shorts and a t-shirt). The first class is free and all levels are welcome. Most of our members got their first experience with Brazilian Jiujitsu in the club. Other activities include competing as a team at Brazilian Jiujitsu Tournaments and getting together to watch UFC and other MMA events.

Texas Jiujitsu meets on the campus of the University of Texas in Austin in BEL 904, which is the L. Theo Bellmont Hall in the Stadium. For most current class times and location, please click to our website above, and check the link under class schedule.

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