Trainers Elite is a one of the finest Mixed Martial Arts gyms in the nation! Located in Addison, Texas, just outside of Dallas, our facility offers a 20 foot octagon cage, heavy bags, muay thai bags and plenty of mat space for training and working out and elite coaching & training tools. Trainers Elite was founded in 1982 by Grandmaster Ron Van Browning. GM Browning established his Accelerated Fighting System to provide students the ability and knowledge to learn Mixed Martial Arts and true self-defense skills and become a well rounded martial artist in a short period of time. Grandmaster Browning has toured the world giving seminars with other Grandmasters and the World’s Elite Mixed Martial Artists.

Trainers Elite specializes in private & small group training & small group classes. Our instructors are hands on with every student emphasizing proper technique, application and execution to enable the student to effectively use their skills. Everything we teach is based on self-defense.


Mixed Martial Arts: Real Mixed Martial Arts from teens to ‘mature’ adults, novice to pro, fighter to executive to housewife.
Boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, San Soo, Modern Arnis. Group & Private lessons available.

Kids Mixed Martial Arts: Kids 5-7 years learn self-defense through stand up boxing & kicking skills along with breakfalls & rolls with base ground skills to prepare them for our Trainers Elite Juniors program. All of our kids lessons are taught on a private & small group basis.

Juniors Elite Boxing Club: Trainers Elite Juniors Boxing Club, for boys & girls 8 – 12, provides real boxing skills along with fitness, discipline and self-defense. All of our junior lessons are taught on a private & small group basis.

Executive Boxing Club: Box like the pros without the fight! Train like the professionals while learning boxing combos, defense and getting in great shape! 15 Rounds to Fitness through the Sweet Science of Boxing!

A.B.S. Total Fitness Kickboxing: Get in great shape from head to toe while gaining real skills in Boxing and Muay Thai kicking. Strengthen and tone with our conditioning drills and ab work with handweights, jump rope, ladders, plyometrics, medicine balls & resistance bands.

Fight Shape Fitness – SWEAT – GRIT – DETERMINATION: Train like a fighter without the fight! A non-contact, no equipment needed, no skill required, no frills conditioning class! Just the attitude to work hard, sweat & you’ll gain endurance, loose weight & define muscle tone! This is strictly a conditioning class that uses all parts of your body to sculpt you into your best shape.

We also offer Private Lessons & Small Group Training tailored to your needs! Scheduled according to your availability. If you are in the Madison, Wisconsin area, be sure to visit Trainers Elite Madison!


  • A.B. says:

    If your focus is to learn modern MMA (Boxing, Thai, Wrestling, & BJJ) in its sportive respects than this gym is solid, but if you also are interested in learning true combative martial arts, which have always been hard to come by, than this is the place. No forms, no internal/spiritual study, no overly sportive focus, no B.S., and lots of personal attention. It’s simple, if you spend time training there you’ll get better. Their focus is on developing their student’s and their art, not mass production for the sake of $$$$$.
    I’m a life-long martial artist who currently trains at a few different places, including this one, and I recommend it without hesitation.

  • James says:

    After visiting several gyms in Dallas I stumbled upon Trainer’s Elite, and as soon as i walked in the door I knew I had found my gym. GM Browning was working with a student in the octagon and he jumped up to come introduce himself. He was very friendly and enthusiastic, and interested in what kind of training I was seeking. I soon learned that the overall clientelle was also very friendly and seemed to share the mentality that everyone is a student. GM Browning has been a practitioner of many forms of martial arts for over 40 years and his expertise is second to none. If you are interested in training I suggest that you check out Trainer’s Elite and find out what it’s all about.

  • Kim says:

    After visiting several gyms and not really finding a good fit, I came across Trainer’s Elite and gave them a call. I spoke with Tabitha and she was very down to earth and informative on the phone. Not just selling me, but finding out more about my goals, my background and what I was looking for. When I stopped by to check it out and met GM Browning and Tabitha both, I knew I had found my “new home”. They are absolutely two of the best coaches, instructors and teachers that I have met over the years. A true passion for teaching and capable of coaching any individual at any level.
    If you are looking for a friendly environment, a safe place to train, an incredible workout (from the beginner to advanced) I would definitely suggest checking out Trainer’s Elite.

  • Jen says:

    How many gyms will call you when you have not been to class? Tab at Trainer’s Elite will. They are invested in each client’s progress and want to see each client. Fun, friendly workout and every workout is different so you are constantly challenged.

  • Sara says:

    Tabitha and Ron are not only two of the greatest people I’ve ever met, but as MMA instructors, they really kick butt! They may teach classes, but within the class, they teach the individual. I had almost no martial arts background whatsoever when I first stepped into Trainer’s Elite and I’m fairly certain I couldn’t jump rope for more than 5 seconds in the beginning, but Tabitha took me in right away and put me to work! I’ve been taking the Executive Boxing and the ABS Kickboxing classes since June and I’ve become more fit than ever- how could I not after 3 straight months of boxing sit-ups, calf raises, and lunges? Trainer’s Elite is a great place to make friends and acquire excellent fighting skills, whether you’re just looking to get fit or to get trained for a fight. If you’ve had a good or bad day at work/school, all you need to do is go to the gym! It loosens up all those nerves your coworkers have been pinching. Go check it out!

  • dmarkland says:

    Excellent place to train! Tabitha and Ron are great people that will undoubtedly help you reach your goals. I am currently taking their executive boxing classes and can attest to the individual attention that you will receive. I looked at several different gyms before deciding on Trainers Elite. Most other gyms were taking several days to return phone calls and emails – Tabitha responded to my initial email within about two hours. Great communication, great training and highly recommended!!!

  • Renie Masi says:

    Trainers Elite is by far the best gym around. They offer training for the whole family, even our ten year old daughter. Ron and Tabitha are very supportive and informative. It does not matter what physical state you are in or what your level of conditioning, they have a class for you. Unlike big franchise gyms, this is a serious training gym, not a meat market or a day care. The other students are also supportive and non-judgemental. I truly look forward to every class. I cannot recommend Trainers Elite highly enough.

  • MadisonGuy says:

    This place is a scam. Beware. They had a school in Madison, but packed up and moved out overnight without warning. The students were left out in the cold, except they sold the Madison gym to one of their students, who is not exactly instructor-level.

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