Xtreem Jiu-Jitsu is El Paso, Texas’ premier Jiu-Jitsu and MMA School. We offer classes to adults and children. No one is either too young or too old. Xtreem Jiu-Jitsu is headed by Benny Benavides, Gold Medalist of the 2007 Pan American Games in Jiu Jitsu, and the winner of multiple Grapplers Quest competitions, and most recently the winner of the Abu Dhabi tournament in Dubai. Benny has several years of coaching experience both international and here in the U.S.A. Benny provides Jiu Jitsu clinics and training for the Fort Bliss Soldiers and his teaching concept is “Learn, Grow, and Develop”.

Come and learn from El Paso’s “ONLY” Gold Medal Winner in Jiu Jitsu! And Keep Supporting El Paso Born and Raised Businesses. Classes include Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Professional MMA Training, Muay Thai, Cardio Training, Kids Classes and Boxing.


  • jonathan says:

    This place is awesome! The instructor Benny is extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of MMA and Jiu Jitsu. My son goes there as well and I have to say he is extremely good with the children. I would highly recommend this place to any, and all who are interested in MMA, or just simply trying to get back into shape. It is a fun and friendly place for the whole family.

  • Terry says:

    Benny knows a lot of wrestling and submissions, but he’s a closed book. He’ll give you the basics but pull back if he feels challenged. Do not go to him if you want to fight MMA. He’ll claim he can do this, that and the other, but he is honestly just a tool to be used for basic submissions.

  • Geoff says:

    Benny’s gym is great for MMA training. It’s open 6 days a week (Monday-Saturday) and is specifically designed for No Gi, although Gi has been incorporated into Wednesday night training. Different days of the week provide different training. Mondays is stand-up, Tuesdays is groundwork, Wednesday is Gi night, Thursday is MMA night where James Sziszak and Courtney Casey, both experienced MMA fighters, instruct a MMA specific class. Real good and I highly recommend. Friday and Saturday tend to be open mat. Things are changing and growing and more MMA Classes are hopefully in the works.

    There’s a Muay Thai bag there, a boxing/muay thai coach (Frank) if you wish to pursue stand-up help. A basic weight room and several punching bags & a speed bag. The cage is being properly erected and should be functional soon.

    You can go there and go to the class or go hit some weights or do stand-up. The option is yours. Class is two hours long for adults and you can stay late. Class goes as follows: 1/2 hour stretching, 1/2 hour cardio/aerobic, 1/2 hour instruction and application, 1/2 hour rolling using what you learned. Exception to this is MMA Class

    Benny is a little cocky and narcissist but he has years of knowledge. He has a great sense of humor and once you go a few times he’ll grow on you. I highly recommend this school to anyone in El Paso who wishes to grow in the sport of MMA or BJJ.

  • Steve says:

    I’ve been looking for a place to train. Does anyone else recommend this gym? I heard Xtreem is a Pedro Sauer school, in which Pedro is under Royler and Rickson Gracie. Can anyone confirm? If so this would be a big plus.

  • Rafael Tellez says:

    I have been involved in the martial arts since the age of 7. From boxing to wrestling to combat sambo to BJJ to the philipino martial arts. Although I do not consider myself to be a great fighter (I am far from it), I can recognize experience and knowledge in an instructor. Benny is without a doubt, an assett to the martial arts community here in El Paso and to BJJ. His humility, experience and
    technical applications of BJJ make him one of the best instructors that I have met in my martial arts life/career. I stronly recommend that if you are interested in martial arts, you should attend Benny’s studio.

  • Shawn Pretat says:

    ok, so normally I will let people talk what they want….However the owner won his 2007 pan ams medal in the Bluebelt division…he might be a purple by now but his 4th DEGREE BLACK BELT is not BJJ. Also I am a NAGA WORLDS ADANCED DIVISION CHAMPION, GOLD in Several BJJ tournaments, Pro Fighter…and I am humble enough to say I am not the best and someone better is outthere…so for someone to be as unprofessional to stake a high claim as the “ONLY GOLD MEDALIST in El Paso” is not the type of person I would send people to. I am also the Fort Bliss Combatives NCOIC”Highest person on post” that runs the whole program for the last 2 years and I asked others before me. HE HAS NOT EVER trained our team or given clinincs unless giving clinincs to his students that might be in the Army and be army instructors. The contracts on base have soley been to DJ Blackwell from Relson Gracie and to Taichi Hayashi which owns Hayashi’s Judo academy…..So if your unexperienced and know absolutely nothing then he will be ok, however his credentials are not proven nor real how he states them…I have 7 Army Soldiers that travel and compete, they are gold medalist in bluebelt thru advances(purple,brown,black nogi) divisions as well.

  • Frankie says:

    Well in Benny’s defense I must say he is a complete and gifted submission grappler. I’ve been training with him since late 2006 when he and the late James Butler started coaching and teaching at El Paso Jiu jitsu and this man is legitimate in his life accomplishments. I have learned so much from this man and I am. still learning the finer and more intricate details of what it is to be a complete grappler from him still and that is something that no belt could ever give me on a personal level not to say that those things aren’t important to some people but “really” when it comes down to BALLS and BONES none of that really matters at least not to me. To confirm what I mean this man has competed in numerous tournaments and walked away with nothing less than 1st or 2nd and if that’s not enough this man slaps on a gi and decides he wants to compete in a black belt belt tournament somewhere in Cal. (I’ll get more details on that tourney) and walked away with the bronze amongst a bunch of Brazilians that both love and complain about points. Now I don’t know about the rest of the grappling or fighting communities but that warrants alot I don’t. Care if your Gracie, Machado or whatever affiliated that for damn sure counts for something even the legends I just mentioned would be impressed considering that the last belt he received from a Brazilian was a blue one. Even during my personal experience I’ve been pitted in some roll sessions with some diverse backgrounds and ranks and even mma fighters and 99% of the time I have made short work them. Before this gets taken wrongly I’m only trying to vouch for the priceless knowledge I’ve learned from Benny because through his guidance I’ve become a better grappler. His instruction is simple. If you got his basics locked down then he’ll proceed with you to the next levels. So if your looking to improve your ground game give Benny a call and he’ll square you away. So peace to all my grappling brothers out there “roll for truth”

  • Ruben says:

    I would not like to feed the fire and create more controversy. All I can say is come check it out for yourself. The new address is 4488 Titanic El Paso, Tx 79904. Everyone is welcome even the military even if this is the civilian world.

  • Rafael Tellez says:

    I am not taking anything away from any other schools or their instructors. There are definitely a lot of good martial artists and competitors here in El Paso (Both from the civilian and military communities). I have been fortunate enough to meet instructors that, when I walked away from their dojo or army combatives training facility, I realized how much more I need to learn.

    Having said that, from personal experience, I can attest to the fact that Benny is a master technician and has a remarkable acumen in combining his wrestling skills with jiu jitsu and in determining the effectiveness of a technique. I have seen professional and amateur MMA fighters show up to Benny’s dojo and ask him to
    prepare them for their upcoming fights, especially with their grappling skills.

    These fighters are from El Paso, out of state or from the military. However, the irony with this is that these fighters train in schools in which their instructors
    are critical of Benny’s qualifications and or grappling abilities. Benny, without hesitation, will still assist these competitors.

    Benny’s knowledge and experience, his approach to training and his humility to admit that there is no absolute martial art or family fighting system, will benefit any
    martial artist who is interested in enhancing his/her skills.

  • Leo Menchaca says:

    To take the high road or not, that is the question. As simple as it would be to verbally (typed) retaliate and expose the baseless, fallacious, and hypocritical agrument presented by Mr. Pretat, I’ve decided to opt for the former – the high road. I acknowledge that I am a reflection of Benny, his philosophies, and his way of teaching; therefore, I won’t discredit and bring shame to him nor our school. On the contrary, I’ll give credit where credit is due.

    First off, a little background about myself – I’m a former US Marine infantryman who had the pleasure of calling Hawaii my duty station. Before the Marine Corps, my only combative-type experience was boxing. I started boxing at the age of 15, but I quickly learned in the Corps that boxing alone was one dimensional. I began training with Marines of various backgrounds and disciplines – jiu jitsu included. I also had the privilege of training at different jiu jitsu schools out in town. When my contract ended, I returned home and quickly sought after training in the El Paso area. Fortunately, I came across Benny and his school, and was welcomed with open arms.

    I immediately noticed that Benny’s way of teaching was somewhat different than what I was used to. He places a great deal of emphasis on the basics and gradually progress in his teaching as you progress in the mastery of the technique. His philosophies about jiu jitsu also vary from the customary brazilian jiu jitsu I had been taught; he isn’t afraid to venture out of the norm, he isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo.

    I appreciate a free-thinker like that; reminds me plenty of the Grand Master of them all – Bruce Lee. Now in no way am I comparing Benny to Bruce, but the thought process is similar. The analytical mind-set is similar in that they don’t merely accept what is passed down from generation to generation, from teacher to student. Does he keep an open mind? Absolutely. Does he believe he is the be-all, end-all of jiu jitsu? Absolutely not. He is flexible and keeps his cup empty so that it can be filled with knowledge again. He encourages his students to challenge him, respectfully of course. But he doesn’t take the approach that what he says is gospel, and everything else said is gibberish. He is ever evolving and realizes a stagnant art is a dying art. He works to improve jiu jitsu and is secure enough to teach everything he knows – without fear that a student may employ a little known technique and defeat him with it. His ego, if any, stays outside of the school’s walls.

    Benny is not only a teacher of jiu jitsu, he’s also a teacher of life in general. He encourages his students to be professionals, to win and lose graciously – with dignity and respect. He pushes you to work harder, to overcome plateus and reach new heights you wouldn’t think are obtainable. He preaches humility and respect for others. These are all characteristics and traits I had instilled in me as a Marine.

    Mr. Benavides, thank you. Thank you for reinforcing this in me and always welcoming me back with open arms, even when it seemed I’d never train again. You, sir, possess everything I would look for in an instructor. You are a person I would allow to train my son as he grows, and I encourage all others looking for a learning enviornment to visit our school. You won’t be disappointed.

    Now I know why I took the high road.

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