At Jaguar Sport Karate in Eagle Mountain, Utah, the Jaguar is a symbol of strength and power. For strength and power to be effective on the outside it must come from the inside. Sport Karate was a word used to describe Kickboxing. We use the term to describe the athleticism in Martial Arts. Tournaments are encouraged but never forced. The most important goal at Jaguar Sport Karate is to have fun.

TAE KWON DO- (The way of the hand and foot). Tae Kwon do became popular after the 1988 Olympics in Seoul Korea as an Exhibition Olympic Sport. Tae Kwon Do is now a validated Olympic Sport and considered to be the most popular Martial Art in the world. The kicking techniques at JSK are derived from Tae Kwon Do.

WON MOO HAPKIDO- (Won= Circular, Moo= the Martial way, Hapkido- The way of coordinated energy). Hapkido is a combat art and used mostly for self-defense. Hapkido has kicks from Tae Kwon Do and throws and joint locks seen in Jiu Jitsu and Aikido. The self-defense learned in Hapkido is practical and the energy of the aggressor is used against them making it a great Martial Art for smaller students.

JUNSADO- (The way of the Combat Expert) is not a martial art. Junsado deals with what happens in a confrontation and its changing causes. What changes your perception is what causes you to react. At the core of the changes there is ground you can stand on. Personal Awareness and self-defense are combined as one.

KICKBOXING- Our kickboxing class adds the exercise regime of a Boxer with the added kicks seen in martial arts. It is designed to keep the student physically fit, combine hand skills and feet skills, and make the student react more fluidly.

GRAPPLING- Our grappling techniques teach the student how to get up on our feet once we are taken to the ground. In self-defense there is a likely scenario that you may end up on the ground. It is imperative to know how to defend yourself once you are on the ground.

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