Combat Sports Center is the most dynamic martial arts school in Central Virginia!  We are located at the Gleneagles Shopping Center in Richmond.  With comprehensive training in six top-rated programs of Muay Thai Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)/Grappling, Boxing, and Youth Karate/Kickboxing and Youth BJJ/Grappling.  Combat Sports Center has a program to fit anyone at any level with proven results.  Our master instructors are ready to help you achieve your goals, whether in fitness, self-defense, weight control, or competition training.  With Virginia’s largest and most successful fight team, Combat Sports Center is ready to fulfill your needs.  We have two locations in the Richmond area to serve you.


  • Fighter99 says:

    Took a trial class and they had a blue belt teaching the BJJ class. lol

  • Scrap 035 says:

    Extremely strong stand up program for Muay Thai and a good boxing conditioning class. Had some trouble with their BJJ program as their replacement coach was having Visa problems and couldn’t get into the country from Brazil. Those problems are in the past and David Oliveira has been there now a few months, and he is a phenomenal instructor. Amir Sadollah still stops in to train when he is visiting his family in Richmond.

  • MMA Fitr says:

    Easily the best MMA training in the Richmond area. Has a fighter that is in the UFC, and another in the WEC. BJJ coach is very personable and is always willing to work with students outside of class. Real good Muay Thai instruction and a nice workout.

  • AJSeno says:

    I consider this school mostly a Muay Thai school with an improving BJJ program. The facilities have limited space for the number of students.

    The only problem I have: As soon as I walked in the school, I was swarmed with “so do you want to fight.” As a female, and if you are slightly athletic, people try and force you to compete assuming that you are there to stay. I currently do compete, and I have this “issue” at almost every school I have been at in Richmond, but I have to say that it is pretty annoying. I should get the final say as to when I am ready. Gyms now are just looking for people to fill fight cards, so I just searched around for another gym.

  • Kimura Kid says:

    I have been working out at this gym for close to a year now and love it. The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor is one of the most friendly and caring instructors in the business. When you throw in the fact that he is a 2nd degree black belt from a solid lineage (Roberto Traven), a stickler for details, and a task master on the mats – you have a formula for a top notch program. CSC used to only send a few competitors to BJJ competitions, now they send a dozen or so which brought back 16 medals in the last US Grappling tournament.

    The muay thai program is also very good. The head MT instructor has years of experience and runs the class so all levels of students get value. The muay thai group regularly competes in WKA events.

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