Welcome to EWO Sport Martial Arts & Fitness located in Lynchburg, Virginia. As an EWO student, you’ll be in great company. Providing the most comprehensive training for people of all ages, EWO Sport Martial Arts & Fitness has been the school of choice for many law enforcement officials, professional athletes, educators and fitness enthusiasts.

At EWO, because we are committed to ensuring every student receives well-rounded, streetwise self-defense skills that work, we combine the benefits of karate, kickboxing-Thai Boxing and submission grappling/wrestling.

Superior Instructors are chosen by Master Alejandro, in which each instructor must complete years of rigorous training prior to becoming an instructor (200+ training hours). To preserve the school’s high ideals, they must continually train to stay up-to-date on the latest and most effective self-defense techniques and instructional methods as well as nutritional and exercise physiology regimes. We expect the utmost quality from our instructors in turn, you can expect unequaled Martial Arts instruction.


  • David Worrells says:

    Im tryin to find a gym were i can train and get in better shape and try and start a mma career. I was a wrestler most my life and cant get away from it.

  • mmagal says:

    Hi David, you may use our website as a starting ground to do some research on getting your mma career started. Use the site to find mma schools or gyms near you. Contact the gym owner to get more information. Thanks.

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