At Cappy’s Boxing Gym, located in Seattle, Washington, you do not need athletic experience to begin working out. Each individual is encouraged to train at a level that suits her or his capacity for exercise and discipline. There’s nothing like hitting the heavy bag. It’s an excellent way to release pent-up emotions and stress. Punching at a target reinforces the idea of going for a goal 100%, and during a round with the heavy bag, the body and cardiovascular system get a great workout.

Cappy’s Boxing Gym carries on the boxing tradition that every boxer has a story that is uniquely important. When you take a stance, put up your fists, and deliver a punch, the message is: I am accountable for my intent, my fears, and my desire to be strong and to express myself with courage, skill and awareness.

Boxing is like nothing else. The surge of power through your limbs is intoxicating. Built-up tension is released through exertion. As you punch, your body wakes up from swallowing emotion and holding yourself back. You realize you have more muscles than you generally use. It suddenly makes sense that boxers are at the top of the list when it comes to being fit. Boxing is an excellent conditioning sport that not only builds cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength, but sharpens mental clarity and the ability to acknowledge, and thereby let go of, underlying fears. Plus, boxing is fun.

Cappy Kotz, gym owner, has coached national level competition boxers and numerous fitness and recreational boxers towards physical, metal, and emotional fitness. He encourages everyone to add a boxing workout to their life.

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