Mateo Kajukenbo Self-Defense Institute in Seattle, Washington, teaches the martial arts system composed of the best techniques from five different martial arts. KA-from Karate, JU-from judo & jujitsu, KEN-from Kenpo, and Bo-from Chinese boxing.

The founders of this system were masters of their own right. Their goal was to work together to find the best in each others style and create a complete system of self-defense. The result KAJUKENBO: an art that teaches multiply attacks and street self-defense. Our program emphasizes the art form of Hawaiian Kenpo, Gaylord method of Kajukenbo, Tracy’s Kenpo as well.

Professor Mateo includes kickboxing (Muay Thai style), boxing, plyometric drills, strength and conditioning drills, rotations, block strike combination, 2 person set drills, ground attacks, and ground fighting. As students master skills, they are tested and progress through the belt system. They will achieve success and recognition. As times change, so do the requirements of a martial art in contributing to the community. Kajukenbo is an art that contributes to keep pace with the times and benefits all. He stresses discipline and teaches a solid philosophy of self-control, respect, goal-setting and commitment. The students will become more self-confident and possess a strong self-image.

Kajukenbo offers a whole range of benefits to aid you & your child’s learning process. Apart from the increase in motor skills, such as coordination, balance and agility, martial arts develop the mental aspect. Through Mateo Kajukenbo, you, your child will also learn self-control, self-respect, concentration, and self-confidence. These skills assist in helping your child excel at home, at school and in life.

Ali’i Warriors Fight Club – Ali’i Warriors Fight Club mission is to provide and educate the people in the State the opportunity to learn and train in Muay Thai & Kickboxing ring fight competition. We are able to instill positive self awareness, self motivation, and to regulate their mental & physical fitness. This is the emotional intelligence of the athlete. Training consists of warm ups, line drills, strength conditioning, lots of techniques – offense & defense drills, counter strikes, clinching, ring training with a coach/corner person, sparring, and ring fights.

Beginner Muay Thai for non competitive athletes, you will learn the basic strikes, blocks, kicks, combination techniques, knees and elbows. A great conditioning program while learning bag training, focus mitt positioning, and Muay Thai pad training for kicks and punch combinations.

We offer private lesson/personal training: Strength training (Free & Machine Weights), sports specificity drills, body ball core workouts, boxing, and kickboxing, flexibility & self defense. Professor also trains athletes in different sports such as soccer, baseball, football, track & field, volleyball. Private lesson/personal training is a great way to motivate oneself and endure tremendous gains in a shorter amount of time. He has also trained women self defense, kickboxing and seniors.

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