At Miller’s Martial Arts Academy in Kirkland, Washington, our adult martial arts program you will have serious fun learning Jeet Kune Do and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This class is for the “average joe” not the competitor. Come in and have fun in an egoless environment. At our school you will not find the outmoded traditions and “old school” training methodologies. You will also not find athletes or training partners with bad attitudes. Although these ways of training work for some people, we take a different approach.

What you will find at our school is a fun, interactive, egoless environment that is sincerely interested in the growth of all our students. Our school teaches Jeet Kune Do the art martial art of Bruce Lee. Our school is known as the place where ordinary people come to learn great martial arts in the Eastside.

Korbett Miller became a top instructor in this field of study in the early 1990’s. He literally lived and trained with one of Bruce Lee’s students in the 1990’s for several years honing and refining his teaching skills as well as traveling both domestically and abroad. This gave him the opportunity to meet and expose himself to the knowledge of masters from many different disciplines. An outgrowth of this training is the curriculum we teach at our school.

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