Ring Demon Academy of Mixed Martial Arts offers instruction in Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Boxing, Submission Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Ring Demon located in Tukwila is the only school in Washington taught by Eric Dahlberg, who is an accomplished Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt, College wrestler and Professional MMA fighter. Eric has coached fighters for the UFC, WEC, IFL, WFA, Abu Dhabi and many more.


  • Katie says:

    This place is great. As of yet, I’m the only female training there (besides Cindy Hales, she shows up every do often just to kick some ass and take some names). These guys are really helpful and it’s a great place to learn. There are all kinds of people there from highschool kids to adults, and even a couple older guys who come in.

  • Xander says:

    Typically, I’m not the type to really want to be associated with anything, but I’m proud to train at Eric Dahlberg’s academy. He’s a world class (no hyperbole, one of the best in the world) grappler and fighter. He’s also an amazing teacher (step-by-step technique, very efficiently and effectively explained). Additionally, Eric’s a genuinely good person who cares about everyone who shares his enthusiastic interest in MMA and fighting in general. The guy’s a genius on the mat who is egoless and approachable with all his pupils.

    I honestly feel that training with him and the other fighters at Ring Demon has made me a better person—not just a much, much better grappler. I recommend this school to anyone who has a passion for combat sports and wants to learn as much as possible. You won’t find a better place to do it in Washington State.

  • james says:

    This gym sucks. If you’re not apart of his inner circle, he dont give a crap about you. Also the gym is small and he never cleans the mats.

  • Anon says:

    To James (or whom it may concern) the only things you need to do to be part of “the inner circle” are:

    1)Have a real interest in fighting–not just showing up to appear to train and associate yourself with fighting.
    2)Come regularly so you get to know everyone and make friends by competing rigorously with the other students.


    James, which task are you not equal to?

  • Hank Hill says:

    James is right. This school is a joke. Bunch of jokers who think they are fighters go here. The only guy with skills is mike hayes, everyone else is a joke.

  • Anon says:

    I went to this gym for 2 months. It was ok. We did the same thing pretty much every day so I didn’t feel i was learning much. Eric seems cool, but didn’t give me much 1 on 1 interaction.

  • James says:

    Anon (AKA Dahlberg)….how can you train hard when the gym is the size of a living room….plus you never commented on how disgusting and dirty the matts are.

  • Ryan says:

    Best gym I’ve ever been to! Eric is a great teacher and has an amazing way of taking you step by step with evey move so it sticks in your head and more importantly how to apply in a match. I’ve been there for three years and its the only place I’ve stuck with. Great attitude all around and great people. Hands down best gym around.

  • nighthawk says:

    This gym is very good! if you have only dropped in once and it wasnt your cup of tea, try consistently training here for a few days, eric Dahlberg has what alot of other mma gyms lack , Integrity,knowledge and talent,,Also ive learned from his other students who will take the time to make you a better competitor if you put your time in a show a interest. if you posses a positive attitude and a hard work ethic and you actually show up to train , you will find this place very rewarding …

  • dr easy says:

    awesome gym. relaxed atmosphere. top-notch instruction.

    You can tell that Eric loves what he does. Want a private lesson? Well, you won’t get one, at least not in the traditional sense. He’d be happy to teach you anything you want without taking your extra hard-earned money. There’s plenty of open mat time to do it too; one of the things I’ve enjoyed most about the gym is that it tends not to close until the last person out is ready to call it quits.

    Eric has an eye for tailoring his wealth of technical knowledge to your own unique style/attributes to create a more polished product. There is also a large talent pool of grapplers, strikers, and fighters, each with their own unique style, available to hone and fine tune your game.

  • Laoanimal says:

    Eric is a great teacher the gym may be small but Iv tried several gyms out and this is the longest one iv stayed at . I feel like everyone is there for eachother and wants to help everyone reach success. If your looking to just work out or to become a pro fighter ring demon does both! 5/5 stars

  • Unique says:

    Ring demon is a GREAT gym! I was introduced in the gym by my boyfriend and I didn’t like mma at all in the beginning but going there to watch made me realize I want to be part of the team and also train with s whole bunch of talented people! I joined the gym for about 2 months but had to stop for school and work but starting again for the summer time! People in the gym are very humble and down to earth. Always make the new person feel welcome! 🙂 And eric will give you extra help if you ask for it without any hesitations!

    For JAMES: hi I’m not sure how long you sat there and watched everyone talk, fight, and learn but you seem much of a hater to me. I’m glad you never came back 🙂

    For HANK HILL: you’re a joke! What makes you think that everyone there is a “joke fighter”? Have you fought any of them and seen how they fight? Are you even a fighter? Mike is a very good fighter your right but all of them are! If you think that they’re all a joke why don’t you go there and dare! Your post makes me wanna kick your ass 🙂

  • Mike M. says:

    When I first started training at Ringdemon I felt like an outcast. Not only at the gym but in my day to day interactions with people at work and a lack of genuine connection with the people around me. Pointing your finger at everyone else is the first and easiest thing you will do. At this point you give up (like most things in life so far) and become a victim, declaring everyone is out to get you (obviously their jealous of your sick UFC skills). Eventually after banging your head against the wall enough times you come to realize that you are the only constant in the equation, and everything that happens in the gym is a direct reflection of your life in its simplest form. Starting the journey at Ringdemon as a beginner and steadily progressing has been one of the most humbling experiences in my life, and along the way ive met alot of great people that have pushed me to my limits. Training with Eric at Ringdemon is an experience that will not only make you a better fighter, but a better human being.

    Ringdemon is unique in the fact that the instructor is a high level BJJ blackbelt, as well as a collegiate wrestler, a professional fighter, AND a world class striker. Eric will never hesitate to break down a submission, answer any questions, or just hang out after class and talk. Erik has the ability to work with all his students on an individual level, adjusting to everyones different processes for learning. Ringdemon will give you all the tools and instruction you need to reach your full potential as a fighter.

  • ShawnC says:

    At James…

    I went to Ring Demon a couple days ago for my 1st time. I 1st met Eric earlier that day when he was finishing up a session and was going to close up for a few hours before the next class. Eric took a half hour (off the clock) to talk to me and get to know me. I was the smallest guy in the gym so it wasn’t like they thought I was a new talent. He made me feel at home. I came back later that day to watch some training. Every one of the guys at some point came up to me, shook my hand and introduced themselves. Not to mention the world class training and watching everyone in the class progress every 5 minutes. I was intrigued enough to stay for 3 hours to watch them roll.
    Amazing rolling skills, they did gi and no gi. After the class Eric cleaned all the mats. James I have no idea what you’re talking about. I feel like you’re a guy from another gym who hasn’t come in to check it out. I would strongly suggest that you do just to give it a try 🙂

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