South Sound Martial Arts is the first gym in Tacoma, Washington, that teaches the traditional Cambodian Martial Art called Pradal Serey (also known as Khmer Kickboxing and is in the same martial art family as Muay Thai) and Bokator. All skill levels are welcome!  Whether you are an individual who is just looking to get in shape for the new year, or an individual looking to do some sport competition, we can put together the right program for you!

Our Pradal Serey Kickboxing class is an aggressive combative martial art that entails using eight ways of attacking thru hands, feet, knees, and elbows. Students learn the traditional Khmer art developed in the 9th century for battlefield combat against foreign invaders. In modern day, it’s use for training in ring sports and also great workout program. For fitness purpose, the intense cardiovascular workout can help build and tone muscles and also increase aerobic strength. Training session include body conditioning, Thai pad workout, partner drills, punch bag drills, and sparring.

Our focus is to educate each student in Pradal Serey Kickboxing and Bokator. The goals are to improve coordination, stamina, fitness, bring discipline, modesty, and lastly have fun. Our facility is a family friendly environment and we offer classes for kids as young as 5 years old to adults. For students who want to gain fighting experience, we also offer taking students to local and national competitions.


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