Total Confidence Martial Arts in Bellingham, Washington, is one of the leading Martial Arts schools in the nation.  Award winning and internationally recognized, we maintain the highest standard of Martial Arts excellence.  We are authorities in the arts we teach and experts in positive, progressive instruction. In our programs people develop holistically, improving their bodies, minds and spirits.

The Martial Art styles we teach are:
* Muay Thai Kick Boxing
* Krabi Krabong
* Muay Boran
* CRT™: Close Range Tactics™ (WingChun)
* Counter Grappling™
* PWS™: Progressive Weapons Systems™ (Pilipino Escrima)

Total Confidence Martial Arts is dedicated to the highest quality of martial arts training. We are committed to continually enhancing our program to stay on the cutting edge of sport science. We are constantly improving the excitement and safety of our program and strive always to bring a realistic approach to self-defense situations. We build confidence through achievement and provide an environment conducive to positive relationships, fostering self-discipline and self-confidence and self-respect.  Although we honor Martial Arts traditions that go back centuries, we are dynamic and are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to raise the standards of martial arts.

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