Unbridled Martial Arts is the only non-commercial Mixed Martial Arts School and  fills the void in the martial arts community of Bellingham and Whatcom County, Washington. It provides a solid, sensible, broad based foundation in martial training at an unbelievably affordable price. While many Martial Arts schools in general have to cater to the commercial needs of sustaining a full-time school, Unbridled Martial Arts, by design has little overhead. This allows its program to whole-heartedly focus its energy on teaching and training.

It does not have to conduct promotions in order to generate revenue. It does not have to devote class-time to un-interested teens and children whose parents enroll them and they may not really want really want to be there. It does not require the purchase of specialized uniforms. Nor does it obligate students to compete in tournaments or require students to enroll in the added expense of attending seminars.

Unbridled Martial Arts’ instruction will help students develop proper form and although the training sessions will have some physically demanding components, the instruction will always provide the opportunity to work up to an acceptable level of participation. Students are encouraged to strive to improve the quality of their movement while safely and gradually increase the number of repetitions they can complete.

Martial arts systems have a country of origin and a cultural identity. Some systems focus on kicking, some on striking, some on grappling. These areas of focus are a product of the range at which the fighters begin practice. Rob Eis, the UMA head instructor, is knowledgeable of and experienced in fighting systems that address all of the varied ranges of unarmed combat. As a result, the Unbridled Martial Arts program is multicultural in nature and does not tie itself to one identity. Since no country has a monopoly on knowledge, UMA is not bound by the cultural restraints of ONE particular art. It is strongly recognized that no one single system has all the answers. And no one single system is better than all others. Conversely, our curriculum is not the result of sampling various combative art forms and then producing some hybrid mixture. We don’t propose the notion of, “let’s use only Tae Kwon Do spin kicks, only Muay Thai blocking, only Kempo Karate strikes, only Aikido joint locks, and only Judo throws and takedowns…” and the end product we’ll call, “TaeThaiKempKiDo”. We are not reinventing the wheel and we are not trying to create some new concoction. Easily stated, UMA aims to develop martial arts skills in its students that are established on what the situation is and the spatial relation between the defender and an impending threat.

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