Jeff Davis School of Martial Arts offers traditional martial arts, self-defense, and exercise classes.

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  • Annoyed says:

    This guy makes The Foot Fist Way look like a movie about elite fighting forces. He’s not a “has-been” but really a “never-has-been” or, more accurately, “wishes he had been, but never was.” I’m a WVU alum… He never trained their football team, unless you count getting punched by a football player as training. Stay away.

  • A.Non says:

    Jeff Davis is a legend in his own mind. I was there a few years ago, and he’s a bad joke. He won’t even dress for class, he reads off sheets from this leather chair he was given by a bar, and he tells the stupidest stories rather than teach. There’s no contact at all in his school, yet he gives this story about having to get wet to learn how to swim. Nobody touches anything in there, probably because Davis is afraid of people finding out what he’s teaching doesn’t work.

    His stuff is the most common no-touch tournament stuff, and his shorin-ryu is a joke (I’m a 3rd degree). He makes stuff up constantly, has never tested himself, and is dependent on other teachers tolerating him, otherwise someone would go in there and teach him something for real.

    The definition of a McDojo, but he calls himself a traditional teacher, and it’s pretty obvious he knows nothing about it. He thinks he’s great though.

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