Maybe you have been training in MMA for years now? Maybe it’s your dream to fight with the pros in the large cages of the UFC. It takes a lot of dedication to be a top fighter in the UFC. It’s very common for a fighter to spend years fighting in a small gym and go through intense training before being picked up by the UFC.

Consider Training a Full Time Job

When you are training for the UFC you have to spend enough hours in the gym as you would at a full time job. Many fighters even do both, juggling jobs and training. When a fighter is training for professional fights he/she is part of their own training camps that usually consist of many sparring partners and coaches. They plan a clear strategy for the upcoming fight and the training revolves around that plan. These camps can be taken at their own gyms or many travel around to different gyms to get many different sparring partners.

The closer the fighter gets to the fight the training slows right down to allow for the fighter to heal properly before they get in the cage.

Make It Count

You have to be willing to stick to a strict diet and give up on junk food. You have to stay within a certain weight class, so a diet is important. Eating clean with proteins, vegetables and whole grains is important to perform at your best. Food isn’t seen as fun for fighters but a means of fuelling the body in order for it to perform properly during sparring, and training sessions.

Turning a Man into a Machine

Turning your body into a machine is part of becoming a fighter destined for the UFC. It has to be tough and durable, conditioned for long periods of training. Punching drills are meant to toughen the skin, and exercises for the forearms and shins are continually pounded over and over again to build up calcium deposits. It makes the limbs resilient and dense for striking.

Injuries Are A Fact Of Life

Fighters have to deal with a lot of issues when it comes to keeping their bodies intact. They have to use many different methods to keep their bodies from breaking such as recovery shakes, acupuncture, ice baths and chiropractic visits. Every time a fighter goes into the cage he has to be evaluate for recovery time after.

Passion Is Key

This is not the kind of sport for the faint of heart, you have to love it and bring your passion for it into the cage. There are many fighters searching for a way into the UFC so you have to stay hungry for the fight both emotionally and physically. Constantly the fighters have to put their bodies through extreme