So you want to become a professional fighter? It’s the fastest growing sport in the world, so it’s no big surprise that many people are swarming to get involved. People of every age, male or female are developing an interest in learning the sport and finding out for themselves what it takes to get into the cage.

It’s not all fun and games however and many people going into the sport soon realize that the blood they see spraying on TV is their own reality. There is much more involved in becoming an MMA fighter and if that is the path you have chosen then you should know what you’re getting yourself into.

There’s something to be said about the feeling you get when you know you are being latched inside a cage with another man/or woman who wants to beat you into submission. There’s nothing bad about that right? After all you are there to do the same to him.

There are months and even years that you need to dedicate yourself to the sport in order to reach the goals that you want. It’s not just about being tough and being able to take a hit.

MMA fighting is only about 10% of ability the rest is made up in the dedication and heart you put into your training, the desire to be a victor as well as sheer aggression. Not only can you burn out physically but the mental input required to be a fighter is enormous. It certainly takes a certain breed of person to want to deal with all the downsides of the sport for just the hopes of becoming a star in the cage.

Being a fighter you have to consider the fact that injuries are part of the game as well. It’s not a matter of if you get hurt but when you will. When you get hurt it’s usually a major hurt like a torn A.C.L and that will require taking time off to rest and let the injury heal. More often than not fighters will jump back into the cage before they are completely healed thus aggravating the injury all over again.

Sacrifice is a big thing when it comes to being a fighter. It’s not just small sacrifices but rather large ones that you have to make in order to be a fighter. Unless you are a fighter with the UFC chances are you won’t be able to make enough money fighting to make a living. Chances are you will make $500 a fight and you probably wouldn’t even fight more than once a month. So you would be training non stop and only fighting randomly so you need to take into consideration that you will probably have to maintain a full-time job and a training schedule until you make it to the UFC.

There are a lot of cool aspects to being an MMA fighter as long as you are able to take the bad with the