There are many people that don’t even know what supplements are or what they are used for. And then there are some that don’t believe supplements should be taken at all, that they are unnatural. That we never took them a long time ago so why does our generation need them now?

When choosing supplements you certainly have to be careful because the wrong supplements can certainly harm you. But the right supplements can totally change your health for the better. Many people believe they can get all the nutrients they need through food and that’s just not true You may be able to get nutrients in your food but it’s typically not enough of the nutrient to do any real good.

I have compiled a list of the supplements you should be taking on a daily basis to insure you are getting everything you need to be your healthiest.

Vitamin D

This is one of the most important supplements you should have in your diet. It works on over 1000 genes in your body and works as a substrate for your sex hormones such as estrogen and testosterone. It works to help your immune system as well as eliminates any inflammation in your body. It helps with the formation of your bones and works with the calcium metabolism in your body. You need plenty of it to stay healthy and getting it from the sun although is alright it isn’t enough.


This is another vitamin that people rarely ever acknowledge and it’s just as important as Vitamin D. This supplement is incredibly important for the makeup of your DNA and RNA. Do you really want to mess with that? Many people who are deficient in magnesium can have constant headaches, nausea, cramps and even heart arrhythmia. A lack of magnesium has also been linked to asthma, anxiety, diabetes and PMS. The shocking thing is most Americans are deficient in magnesium and it may be the cause of so many health issues.

Vitamin C

This supplement is widely known as one of the most effective vitamins you can take and it’s one of the safest. It helps with connective tissue formation and collagen. It manufactures one of the most powerful antioxidants in your body such as glutathione. It has been known to enhance your immune function which is why it is recommended to take before and during a cold. This is one vitamin that you can’t get from just eating food.


You need iodine in your body to have your metabolism work properly and not only that but it helps your thyroid function as well. It’s a powerful supplement that can prevent brain damage as well as enhance your immune function and considering these massive benefits most people are deficient in it. You can get iodine from eating seafood but again it’s not enough.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A assists in a lot of bodily functions. If you aren’t eating a lot of beef liver, kidneys and hearts, as many people aren’t, then you need to start taking a supplement. You also can’t get Vitamin A from any type of a plant so the chances of you getting it at all are really slim so get yourself a supplement.


This is a heavy metal that effects your body in a lot of great ways. It protects your body from thyroid dysfunction, it will boost your immune function and help to prevent diseases in your body. It is possible to get enough selenium if you eat a lot of wild fish but many people don’t. Don’t take too much of it however, 200 micrograms is more than enough.


You are going to want to have plenty of copper in your system and this is why, copper helps with your heart function and that’s an area that you want to be as healthy as possible. You’re not the only one however many people are shockingly deficient in copper. Taking very little copper can prevent a heart attack so why wouldn’t you? It’s rare these days to get enough copper from the foods you eat so you need to be taking a proper supplement. If you are partial to lamb or beef you can get a good amount of copper from eating them, though a lot of the copper comes from the liver so if that’s not your thing you need to grab a supplement. Dark chocolate is also good as well as lobster and cashews.

B12 and Folinic Acid

Most of the population is deficient in Vitamin B12. It’s really too bad considering B12 can prevent dementia and many other diseases. It also helps with immune functions and lowers homo-cysteine. It has been know to prevent against cancer as well as repair any damage to your DNA. B12 is important to take for your brain function. Sounds like a pretty important vitamin to be taking, doesn’t it?

Both folate and Vitamin B12 is important to have in your body to prevent mental deficiencies. You need to be taking both of these vitamins together for optimal health.

Supplements are more important than people realize. Yes it is something they didn’t do in the cave men days but who knows what kinds of disease and deaths were going on back then. We need extra supplements in our diet these days to survive. Everyone should be taking vitamins regardless of your diet or lifestyle. Athletes most definitely should be on vitamins and probably taking more than other people to maintain optimum training health. Obviously try to get as many vitamins and nutrients from your foods as that’s very important but supplement as well. Don’t cheap out on vitamins either because you get what you pay for and cheap vitamins often have added ingredients that aren’t good for you. Spend the money on good quality vitamins that are healthier for you.