If you want the best exercises to build muscle mass quickly and efficiently then this is the list for you. It’s important to concentrate on specific muscle groups and best exercises around to get the best results possible. You want the best results without having to spend a whole day at the gym. Here are some of those exercises:

1. Bench Press: This is an oldie but a goodie. Nothing fancy here just a standard bench press. Muscles being worked here are the Pectorals/Anterior Deltoids/Triceps. Make sure your shoulders are shrugged back and down, and make sure your torso has a slight arch in the back and away you go.

2. Barbell Pullover: You are working your Pectorals/Lats/Triceps here and it doesn’t matter whether you want to focus on lats or chest don’t use massively heavy weights for this one. You want it heavy enough sure but you want to make the most of the movement so use a weight that allows you to have a full deep stretch while keeping hips down.

3. Bent Over Row: Your working a lot of muscle groups with this one but it’s important to workout your all over shape. Muscles worked are Lats/Rhomboids/Mid-Traps/Rear Delts/Lower Back/Bicep/Forearms. Make sure you’re using a wide grip to work your upper back more strongly and then a close underhand grip to target the lats for that sweet V-shape.

4. Deadlift: The Deadlift is a great exercise because it give you a full body workout and that’s what you want if you don’t like spending a lot of time in the gym. You can also test your overall body power while working everything out.

5. Squat: This is the exercise that will make your bottom look fantastic. Nobody likes a sagging bum and this exercise will firm everything up tight. This is the exercise known as the “king f muscle building” when you do a real squat that is “a$$ to grass” than you are going to get the full benefit of the squat.

6. Chinup: This is a great exercise to build muscle in the upper body and not too many more are better at it. Gymnasts are proof positive that chinups work.

7. Bent Over Rows: This exercise is great for upper back and lats and no exercise will build you a stronger back. Nothing is more impressive to anyone than a well defined back.

8. Military Press: It’s just as it sounds, hard. Great measure of upper body power when you can pump these bad boys out. This exercise will help build an impressive set of shoulders.

9. Pushups: Yes the standard pushups but you can’t beat this exercise when it comes to working the arms and chest. Even beginners can do this exercise and build a sweet upper body.

10. Leg Press: This is another bottom exercise that will also define your legs as well. You can position your feet differently to get work done on various parts of your thigh.