So you have decided to get into shape but you don’t want an average workout. You’ve decided to try something different and Mixed Martial Arts certainly provides an intense full body workout. Not only are the workouts enjoyable and keep you on your toes but you never know, you might just want to get into a cage one day and do a real fight.

MMA is very popular these days and you can find a gym in most any city you live. One thing to keep in mind after you sign up to an MMA gym there are many different souls that walk the mats of the gym. You may think you are about to meet some Jon Jones’ and you will but not everyone is likeable. Here are some examples of the types of people you may run into at an MMA gym. For those of you who already attend see if you can recognize some of these at your gym. Chances are you will.

The Sadist

He’s the guy that enjoys the pain of an MMA workout. He thrives on the intense workouts and thinks your a “pussy” if you don’t. Not only does he thrive on the pain bestowed on him but he’s pretty satisfied when he hears the sound of a broken nose. He’s probably the guy that lit a neighbours cat on fire and he’s been living on that high ever since, either way he loves it. He’s a beast with no leash and when he walks into a cage he is looking to cripple someone. He will not tap first and doesn’t even know what half speed means. He’s found a place to unleash his aggression and keep himself out of prison.

The Armchair Blackbelt

This is the guy who believes he already knows how to fight even though it’s his first time in a gym. He’s been watching UFC since it began and no one is going to tell him how to do a rear naked choke hold. He may be in the beginners class today but he is confident once the coach sees his mad skills he will be moving him to the advanced class in no time. He’s a gym hopper mainly because his trash talk will make him enemies. He will have a glory story about how he almost killed the last guy he fought except for that silly knee injury that’s been holding him back. He will rarely train but you will see plenty of posed photos of himself beside the cage in a fighter’s stance all over Facebook.

The Locomotive

After a few days at the gym you will learn that this guy is the hardest worker there. He knows nothing about MMA but is willing to work hard everyday all day long if he has to in order to be a “fighter.” He’s already booked his first fight even though he gets gassed after the first 30 seconds of sparring. Although he realizes there are dues to be paid he’s hoping to make it big on his first fight.

The Hot Girl

It’s the impossible female and yet she exists right at your MMA gym. Long hair and built like a goddess and when you joke with her about fights she actually laughs at your jokes. She’s like a gift from God but don’t let her beauty fool you because she’s got the fighter spirit of Ronda Rousey in her and she’s not taking any crap. Don’t think she’ll make your life any easier either, if you thought your girlfriend was mad that time she found your ex-girlfriend still on your friends list imagine how she will react when she sees your new sparring partner. The hardest part will come when it comes to rolling around with her in jiu jitsu training when you continue to chant to yourself that there is nothing sexual about this method of training.