Women’s MMA has grown considerably in the past few years. Ronda Rousey has taken the lead as the Queen of MMA in the UFC. There are a lot of females on the rise to the top however and becoming heavy hitters within the industry. It’s interesting to see the different personalities and how women handle playing what was once just a man’s game.

Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey

The Queen of MMA is none other than Ronda Rousey and she is currently undefeated. Aside from her recent war with Meisha Tate, Rousey never went past the first round in any fight she’s ever had. The most recent fight with Tate pulled her into the third round but she reigned supreme as undefeated with her trick armbar. She recently defeated Sara McMann through striking which showed everyone she is just as comfortable on her feet than on the ground.

Her MMA career skyrocketed in 2010 when she began as an amateur. She finished her first three fights in under a minute with her signature move the armbar. She became a pro fighter in 2011 winning every one of her fights. Rousey is the first ever woman to get the chance to have a signed contract with UFC. She has performed as a coach in Ultimate Fighter 18 and has gone off to act in the new Fast & Furious movie as well as Expendables 3. She’s a good example of a strong female who has gone after what she wanted in life and has a trail of success behind her.

Cat “Alpha” Zingano

Cat Zingano began her career in MMA in 2008 fighting against Karina Taylor. She won the Ring Of Fire Women’s Bantamweight championship with an armbar. Her next fight was the Fight to Win 130lbs championship that ended in decision over Barb Honchak. The win against Raquel Pennington by submission is the fight that put her in front of the eyes of UFC getting her signed on. Zingano is a mother, the first ever in UFC and the first woman to win by a TKO when she defeated Meisha Tate, Rousey’s nemesis. She almost had the chance to coach with Rousey in Ultimate Fighter which would have given her the chance at a title shot against Rousey at the end of the show. She is also undefeated in her career.

Meisha “Cupcake” Tate

Meisha Tate has her background in wrestling. She won a championship in 2005 with the High School Women’s State Championship. She also won the nationals at the World Team Trials. Her strength in grappling came out during FILA Grappling Championship where she won a silver medal. She started up in a mixed martial arts gym while in college run by her now boyfriend Bryan Caraway who also went on to fight on the TV show Ultimate Fighter. She has had five loses in her MMA career, two of which were at the hands of Rousey.

Cris “Cyborg” Justino

MMA is mostly male dominated and despite that Justino is one female fighter that has held her own against both genders. She is known as a ferocious and intimidating fighter, she is said to be the female version of Wanderlei Silva. Her success won her a fight against the face of women’s MMA, Gina Carano. The trick up Justino’s sleeve seems to be wins by knockout or TKO. She has aggressive striking to back her up and has one of the most imposing bodies around for a female in the MMA. She has become quite popular with MMA fans due to her ability to break her opponents by sheer will. Justino’s license got suspended due to testing positive for anabolic steroids. Since then Rousey has been calling her out to fight when she returns to the ring. Cyborg lost by decision in her last fight last month against Jorina Baars.