Thanks for joining us for’s fourth installment to see who will be given the title of the best overall national Fight Team. As promised at the conclusion of our previous segment we will see how Brazilian Top Team (BTT) fares against Team Quest (TQ).

So why hold back we’ve been doing this for four weeks right? That being said (or typed I suppose), if Chael Sonnen had choice words regarding his team as a whole going up against Brazilian Top Team what would he say? Well I imagine it would go something like this: What does Team Quest mean to MMA? That’s a ridiculous question Team Quest is MMA, we took MMA to a level where the BTT could never dream of. To make my point a Team Quest fighter has never lost to an athlete representing Brazilian Top Team. And even if we did, we’ve only ceased to win so the general public doesn’t have to see anymore of that garbage they call fighting. (Note: this is NOT an actual Sonnen quote.) And what if Murilo Bustamante was fictitiously asked to comment on Chael’s made up statement? Well that my friends would probably be in Portuguese but may be translated loosely as; Chael, I choked out Matt Lindland in life, that’s part of reality perhaps you’ve heard of it? (Note: this is NOT an actual Bustamante quote.)

Now that we’ve had our fun. let’s get to it…Team Atmosphere is obviously important to both teams. Each group exhibits a strong dedication to their own brands and fighters within each camp. The only instance of any severed partnerships within either group’s history is the subsequent formation of American Top Team by Ricardo Liborio, and there’s no indication that it was caused by any negative actions on the team’s part or Liborio’s. Likewise, Chris Leben and Nate Quarry have parted from TQ, one to further his career as a trainer and the other due to retirement from competition, respectfully.

Category: Team Atmosphere

Advantage: Draw

Why: There’s historically been a solid bond between members of both teams. Though both camps have had their respective members change over the years, no one has had any negative feelings about doing so- at least none that have escaped into the ether of the media.

And who has the better management staff you may ask? Great question, I was just getting to that. Who in MMA has amassed 22 victories over 31 bouts within a fourteen year timeframe? It’s not who you might be thinking. Did the name Matt Lindland come to mind? Does even seeing that name in print ring a bell? If not, I think I have made my point. Lindland has had a more than respectable MMA career yet most casual fans of MMA don’t recognize the name. I point out Lindland only because he is a co-founding member of the camp and yet on a name recognition level he is arguably far behind TQs other founders (Couture and Dan Henderson, who incidentally have both moved locales if not started their own independent camps). But has BTT done any better? If we asked the average MMA fan (whatever that means) to name 3 current BTT members could they do it? I say they’d be hard pressed to get past Patrick Cote and Rousimar Palhares. So unfortunately that leads to…

Category: Management

Advantage: Draw

Why: The hasn’t been a great deal of success or failure with either camp to net the major sponsorships for their athletes or secure that household name status that many fighters know can lead to a higher tax bracket. Here indifference leads to the second tied category.

This one will come down to round 3. Who out paces the other camp in having the better level of training? We’ll have to go straight to the numbers on this one; who has had the most in octagon/ring success? On a level of winning percentage the odds are pretty even. However, if we look at experience itself TQ’s years in ‘the biz’ outmatches BTT by the slimmest of margins.

Category: Quality of Training

Advantage: Team Quest

Why: When you have guys that have over 30 professional fights training and coaching groups in the U.S. And whose template for MMA wins has been adopted at satellite camps in Thailand and Australia that says a great deal.

Advantage Overall: Team Quest in a split decision victory. What totally fabricated comment does Chael Sonnen have to say about Team Quest’s win? I thought you’d never ask: Everyone knew Team Quest would win. I knew it. All you people out there knew it, hell even Anderson Silva knew it and we all know that guy couldn’t get a decent score on a Brazilian S.A.T. I’m just kidding, that’s a joke no one goes to college in Brazil. They give out fancy belts instead of collegiate degrees. Note: This is NOT an actual Sonnen quote.

Hope you enjoyed the effort, we will see you next week with more!

By: David “Doc” Schroyer