Hello everyone. We have finally arrived! Our fight team comparison is into its second month so it’s about time to break into our semi final competition between our winning teams from the first round.

Starting off the first semi-final round with a bang, we’ll see whose left standing when the dust settles between Black House and American Kickboxing Academy. I don’t wish to rehash the minutia of what we’ve already discovered about these teams within prior articles so we are going to be sticking with the big picture, which is appropriate for these two gargantuan MMA fight teams.

We have had a great deal of discussion about Team Atmosphere since we’ve begun this back and forth battle between each of our respective fight teams. Now that we are in the semis however the ante is certainly upped. If you recall our previous articles; Black House lost out to the Blackzilians in this category and AKA beat out Xtreme Couture. So between the two winners who is the heaviest hitter, and why?

Category: Team Atmosphere

Advantage: We’ve got to give this one to A.K.A. If Black House couldn’t compete with the Blackzilians then they don’t hold a candle to A.K.A. in this category. So after our first round Black House has been rocked by a near knockout punch.

Why: Since a large majority of the Blackzilians was born out of A.K.A. that same dynamic of team resonates from within the fighters that call A.K.A. home. As mentioned before Black House may have history, but A.K.A. has the heart of a team. A.K.A’s members’ refusal to face one another even when a championship is on the line may anger some, but you have to admire the adherence to the team mentality and esteem they have for training with one another long term.

A.K.A. has their work cut out if they want to keep up their domination of Black House in this next category: Management. The athletes at Black House have a bona fide Nike sponsored fighter in their ranks. Frankly, that’s something that American Top Team can’t compete with. Because of that fact it looks like Black House has rallied, and if they haven’t turned victory from defeat with this category, it’s at least kept them in the fight for this second round.

Category: Management

Advantage: Black House

Why: Some naysayers may cry that we are basing this on only one fighter’s popularity and endorsement dollars. Those people would be correct, but hear me out. Anderson “The Spider” Silva has made the transition from MMA notoriety to mainstream fame, especially in his native Brazil. How does this help Black House overall, you ask? As Silva’s stock rises as a fighter, people outside of the direct MMA community become interested in his history. Black House may not hold the exclusive patent on The Spider they certainly have played a nearly decade long part in helping the development of Silva’s skill and thus endorsement check.

So at the end of two rounds we are tied with each team connecting and each team taking a round apiece. Now it comes to the third and final round/category; quality of training. Admittedly, a tough contest at face value. Both camps have extraordinary levels of talent: experienced coaches, fighters and trainers reside at both teams. Furthermore, both camps have present, current, and possibly even future champs that call it home.

Category: Quality of Training

Advantage: While both teams have sent their respective competition back to the drawing board in this category there can only be one winner; A.K.A.

Why: Fame may be infectious but winning isn’t. What I mean by that is as much as Anderson’s status as a celebrity fighter helps his team’s reputation it doesn’t stretch as far here. A.K.A. just has too many fighters with too many tools that are still early in careers. The majority being considered, fresh young guys that are still hungry, comes down to being the difference-maker in this subject.

Advantage Overall: After a tough back and forth battle, that has left both teams battered, this one comes down to a split-decision victory with A.K.A. getting the nod.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this first semi-final match up. Stay tuned next week where we will see the likes of Team Quest versus American Top Team!