We are getting down to the best of the best, as such today we are going to take a look at Team Quest and how they would fare in an overall matchup with the guys at American Top Team.

In previous weeks we’ve seen ATT best the group at Jackson’s Submission Fighting and Team Quest come out ahead versus those at Brazilian Top Team. In our second semi final bout, who will reign supreme?

Because we have Team Quest represented here we are certainly going to indulge in some additional completely-not-ever-actually-said-by Chael Sonnen quotes. To start us off I caught up with Chael Sonnen (no I didn’t) to ask him about Team Quest’s atmosphere as a supportive team structure and he had the following to say: “You know at Quest my friends, brothers and compatriots in Oregon we start the day with a hearty breakfast of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown belts- the black belts are too crunchy- and then clean our teeth with a redwood.” (*Note: this is in no way an actual Sonnen quote)

Great Chael, not sure what that has to do with the level of camaraderie you have within Team Quest but…uh, thanks? At any rate ATT has a great level of respect amongst its fighters, with little aforementioned history of any squabbles that would break that bond. Much the same can be said for Team Quest, although fighters have left both camps it has only been to expand on their own skills, and not due to any internal struggles amongst fellow competitors.

Category: Team Atmosphere
Advantage: Draw
Why: Much as with comparing Team Quest and BTT, there’s just not a lot of weight to throw around in regards to who overall has the best team mentality. That being said both groups are well respected by the MMA community at large and seem to have no issues with internal struggles between their athletes.

Oh, what’s that Chael? Yes, certainly you can comment on the management within the two teams: “Team Quest’s management is untouchable- similar to Vitor Belfort trying to connect with me in the Octagon. Just look at me I’m more famous than most religious deities,” stated Chael (but not really because this quote is completely fabricated and intended for only entertainment purposes).

Alright, now that we have Sonnen’s take…At this level, with the groups we’ve showcased thus far, we already know that there are bound to be legendary fighters on both teams. If we are going by sheer numbers ATT far outmatches Team Quest in this area. However, relying only on active members of each team’s roster it would seem Team Quest clearly has more talent with household or near-household name status.

Category: Management
Advantage: Team Quest
Why: While you may be able to chalk it up to Sonnen’s panache for attracting attention to himself- (at least over the past few years) or the relatively longer careers of those within Team Quest, ATT has a more sizable roster but that won’t get them the win here. As with the more fame (or infamy) you have, the more checks with your name on them you begin to see.

It has often been said; “Find one thing you’re good at and do it well.” Of course we know that doesn’t work in MMA, or at least not in the long term. So who is the top dog between TQ and ATT in the level of training they provide?

Category: Quality of Training
Advantage: ATT
Why: I just don’t see any other way around this…ATT comes out ahead on this one. Not to leave out coaching staff, but with the variety of fighters from every discipline at ATT the prospective level of training goes up exponentially.
Advantage Overall: ATT

Why: ATT hasn’t dominated here, but they have enough momentum in their favor that they can make it past Team Quest to advance. Though it was a close one, due to the level of competition that ATT can deliver in-Octagon (or ring, or cage) they are able to pull ahead of TQ in the final round and come away with a split decision victory.

Alright well there you have it, with the outcome of this one that means we will be seeing talent at A.K.A. take on the fighters of the renowned American Top Team for the title of best overall MMA fight team!