Last weekend the UFC gave a revealing look at the lives of middleweights Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen on UFC Primetime as the two superstars prepare for this weekend’s much-anticipated headliner at UFC 148. The two competitors are among the fiercest rivals in MMA history with much of their situation stemming from a number of crude comments on the part of the silver-tongued Sonnen.

“July 7, we’ll resolve this. July 7. All this will be done on the 7th, Chael Sonnen, and you can prove everything you’re saying,” explained Silva in one of the segments, addressing Sonnen directly. “You’re trying the same as everyone else, and no one’s been successful for years. Even though you respect nobody’s country and you’re a crazy person, you’ll have another chance at me. Enjoy your chance. I have to go eat, okay? I need to go train so I can beat you down.”

Silva-Sonnen will meet for the Brazilian’s divisional championship on Saturday night. The two fought once before with Sonnen nearly edging Silva out until succumbing to a submission in the final few minutes of the fight.

Check out the full UFC Primetime video below: