Boxer’s Rebellion Martial Arts, located in Tucson, Arizona, offers training in the mixed martial arts system of Kajukenbo (focusing on Jiujitsu and kickboxing) and Praying Mantis Kung Fu, also known as Mantis Boxing. Within its classes, the BRMA presents people just like you the opportunity to train with a group of individuals who have dedicated themselves to martial arts training. Classes within the BRMA have one goal, and one goal only, to help you reach your goals as a martial artist.

The Boxer’s Rebellion Martial Arts was established in 2007 as an outlet for serious martial arts training.  Whether your goal is to learn self defense, get into better shape, increase self discipline or training for your next extreme sports competition, BRMA is here to train and push you towards your goal.

Furthermore, BRMA believe that martial arts training is about more than fancy uniforms and colorful belts, we believe that everyone has a fighter’s spirit in them and we are here to help bring forth that spirit through serious, hardcore training!


  • brian tolls says:

    this class you might say since they dont have their own gym is a joke. the instructor has ADD i think since there is no real structure to the classes and you spend more time doing warm ups then actually learning anything. then you tend to learn the same things over and over. the fact they say they are a mixed martial arts class is a joke. plus you only get an hour of time which most of it is warmups and talking. the price is too high for what you are getting here. i say pick a better gym (class)

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