Prescott Valley House Of Karate in Arizona maintains the values of Martial Arts practice. We support the fundamental values of Martial Arts as a means of contributing to community and social development, improving harmony in the world and as positive influences on people’s character. We believe in the basic tenants of respect, honestly, loyalty, discipline, trust, perseverance and courtesy are viewed as distinguishing Martial Arts from other fields athletic and sporting endeavor.

We provide instruction in Shisso Ryu Kenpo, Okinawan Kenpo, White Tiger Kenpo, American Kenpo, Chinese Kenpo, MMA Training, Ninjutsu, Shaolin Chuan, Tai Chi Chuan, Wushu Kung Fu, Cardio Kickboxing, Balika Jujitsu, Women and Senior Self Defense, Tactical and Traditional Weapons Training and Pressure Point Training.

Our Mixed Martial Arts class uses the effective basic training skills, conditioning drills, punches, kicks, elbow & knee strikes of Muay Thai Kickboxing. The program will also add the basic throws of Judo, the ground fighting of Jiu-jitsu and Wrestling, and the self-defense skills of Kenpo Karate. This class puts the proven skills of all these arts together to make a simple, yet effective, art of self-defense. We welcome all newcomers, regardless of their ability or level!

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