The Martial Way Training Center in Flagstaff is Northern Arizona’s longest established martial arts program.  You will first find that we have a martial art curriculum and schedule for you.  What ever your needs, be it physical fitness, stress relief, discipline or self-defense we will address your concerns.

We understand martial arts training may be new to you but it is not new to us.  We are not a fly by night organization and will commit to your short and long term goals.  I know one of the hardest steps to take is when you want to start a martial arts program but do not know which school to join.  When you step into our door we will do the rest.  Students soon find out martial arts is not about age, in fact it is about living your life to the fullest.

With our USA Tae Kwon Do Centers program students learn a very traditional Korean Martial Art.  Tae Kwon Do involves  a heavy curriculum of striking techniques with emphasis on kicking and punching.  Our school teaches techniques from the World Tae Kwon Do Federation (WTF) which is a very mobile fighting system to strike opponents from many different angles.   This system incorporates a first defense with the feet as the primary striking implement.  If an attacker gets past the feet then the hands are utilized, past the hands then the elbows and knees utilized, past the elbow and knees then students are taught joint locks, pressure points and throws.  Our Tae Kwon Do curriculum is a traditional program and is for all ages of students. Our Black Belt test is 18 hrs in length and is an event the student will remember for life.  We have over 25 Black Belts in this program to assist in your personal goals for success no matter what the odds.

Our  Moo Duk Kwan Tae Kwon Do program is an ancient battlefield martial art.  This system is plain and simply “devastating”!  This system is taught in the USA Tae Kwon Do Centers program at the blue belt level.  Our traditional values are enhance with this fighting system to challenge a level of focus and precision of technique that leaves no room for play.  Moo Duk Kwan is designed to break limbs if the attacker has time to block.  Adult students (after training in conditioning) are required to break bricks with their hands and feet.  This is not a sparring curriculum and cannot be altered to be one.  This is the ultimate in stand-up striking self-defense.

With our Arizona Combat Hapkido Academies (ACHA) program students learn a very practical self-defense system centered around traditional training without a traditional format.  This martial art developed by Grandmaster John Pellegrini founder of the International Combat Hapkido Federation (ICHF) utilizes strikes, with a strong emphasis on defenses against grabs/holds, while training the practitioner in joint manipulation.  Combat Hapkido further specializes in ground survival techniques once someone takes you down to the ground.  Our ground survival curriculum is based on Brazilian Ju-Jitsu whereas Master Feagan and students continuously train with Master Carlson Gracie Jr.  There are no forms or competitions in Combat Hapkido.  This is a martial art taught through “reality based training” and students must be 12 years and up to join.  Students are certified by the International Combat Hapkido Federation under the direction of Arizona State ICHF Director, Master Feagan.  We have an “At Home Video Training Course with Instructor Review” available for those who do not have the time to go to a martial arts studio.

We are a certified member of Canemasters, Inc.  Canemasters was founded by our good friend Grandmaster Mark Shuey.  The walking cane with proper training is one of the most devastating tools of self-defense around.  Master Feagan adds his expertise of over 15 years of law enforcement defensive tactics training with the side handle baton, straight stick and expandable baton to the techniques of Canemasters to provide practitioners a weapon of defense most instructors only try to copy.  The only martial arts weapon you can also carry on an airplane.

Team “How Dare You” takes pride in teaching women awareness of their surroundings and simple self-defense that will save their lives. Our free Womens’s Self-Defense class covers 7 basic techniques that you must know to save your life. We also talk about what to look for when you are out and about. Most important is a technique that we teach that will keep you from ever being targeted as prey. Our 6 week course expands upon what was taught in the free class by actually going through different scenarios. We teach based on what has been done to women in the real world. We teach the techniques and mind set to never be a victim!

The Martial Way Training Centers have been around longer than any Northern Arizona martial arts school.  We do not claim to be the largest, we will not bombard you with sales staff, we will not let you wear flashy uniforms.  We will provide you with Traditional Training and Traditional Values.

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