The Martial Way Training Centre, in Scottsdale at Lata Fitness, is a part of the premier martial art facilities in the Arizona to attend for beginner through direction and training necessary to advance oneself physically, mentally and spiritually through quality private and small group instruction in the study of our Mixed Martial Arts program, traditional and Olympic Taekwondo, Ground Survival (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu based), and reality-based personal protection programs. All programs are lead by present or former world class athletes and internationally certified instructors.

We are dedicated to providing a safe and family-oriented martial arts experience for students of all ages. Our mission is to foster quality personal protection, self-improvement, and personal development through focused and qualified training. We promote physical fitness and positive social interaction in a courteous and fun atmosphere. Our greatest responsibility is to instill in our students a sense of discipline and a code of ethics to inspire them to lead exemplary lives as leaders in the community through assertive confidence.

Our sport based version of Modern Moo Sa Do falls under the category of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Many of our techniques and strategies are very similar to those used by popular MMA fighters in organizations such as the UFC, Pride, the IFL and Bodog. The main difference between MMSD and MMA is that MMSD is for life survival and has no rules! MMA is a sport, but is easily adapted for personal protection purposes. Presently, our Scottsdale location utilizes a 20 foot PRIDE style boxing ring to assist with training. Ultimately The Martial Way’s goal is to provide an outstanding service that has not been offered in Scottsdale until now and will work toward producing future champions in the ring and life!

The Martial Way (TMW) was founded by George Bell and was developed to offer premier martial arts with a traditional foundation. Programs are offered in children’s Taekwondo, women’s kickboxing, mixed martial arts, and reality-based self defense. TMW presently offers two state of the art facilities located in Scottsdale and Flagstaff Arizona. Instruction is given by highly qualified instructors with more than 70 years of combined experience. Chief Master Scott Feagan leads his award winning Flagstaff program with heavy emphasis on personal protection and Chief Master George Bell leads the Scottsdale location with great experience in the Olympic movement and a former Olympic hopeful himself, Master Bell now wants to assist the community of Scottsdale and North Phoenix with instruction in personal protection, Mixed Martial Arts, traditional martial arts and sport through quality and personalized group and Private Instruction.

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