Ahrang Martial Arts in Little Rock, Arkansas, offers instruction in Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, Judo, JuJitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. Master Pan Ahrang Lee was born in Milyang, South Korea and began his training at the age of nine. He trained three to nine hours a day through high school. Then after graduation he began competing in Tae Kwon Do competitions throughout Korea earning two gold medals and one bronze. He then turned to professional Muay Thai fighting and became the Korean welter weight champion in 1990.

Master Lee then set his sights on the world and started fighting internationally in Italy, Japan, China, Mexico, Thailand, and the United States.  Next Lee started mastering MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and in 1996 took his first World Championship in Mexico City. He took more World Championships in the United States and Italy.   He started training other athletes as the San-su, kickboxing, and Wrestling coach for the South Korean national team where he helped to develop three gold and two bronze medal Olympians. One of these students, Kim Gujing is a team coach for the South Korean 2008 Olympic team. Now Master Lee’s focus is on training champions here at Ahrang Martial Arts School.

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