Monstrinho Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Rocklin, California, was founded by Robson Moura – Nova Uniao Jiu-Jitsu Purple Belt and Judo Black Belt Coach Shane “Monstrinho” Mount in August 2011, offering training for Women, Children, and Men. Training at Monstrinho BJJ will help you improve your fitness while learning valuable life saving self defense techniques. Monstrinho BJJ also offers training for those that wish to compete in Sport Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Competition Events.

Whether you’re looking for a new way to get in shape, or to release some stress, or meet new people, or become a competitive martial artist, Monstrinho Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/Robson Moura Nova Uniao – Rocklin is the Academy for you! Contact us now to schedule your free introductory 1 on 1 private lesson with our Chief Instructor Coach Shane “Monstrinho” Mount as well as begin a free 7 day trial of regularly scheduled classes!



  • Lee says:

    Ive checked out quite a few local bjj schools around town and this one by far is the best i have found. Our coach is highly knowledgable and very informative in what he teaches. He is also a Judo Black Belt and incorporates throws into the bjj game. The gym is really nice inside with great mats that are kept nice and clean. My game has stepped up allot since I’ve started vs another place i use to train, the quality of training you will get here is solid. Also the students i train with have become a second family away from home, all good people!

  • Brian O-Ski says:

    Outstanding school with a very friendly environment.

  • Jyden says:

    I had never thought I would do anything like BJJ in my life. I was wanting to get in shape and improve myself all around. This place was recommended by a friend and I tried it once and fell in love. I have reached personal self improvement and health goals just by going and training here. The coach is great, very informative and helpful. The environment is well kept, friendly and welcoming. The people there are all amazing people willing to help you and they have become my closest friends over the last few months. I would highly recommend anyone to give this BJJ school a try if they have never done BBJ before or are just looking for a new place to train.

  • Kapono says:

    Coach Shane Has really open my eyes to real BJJ. He is down to earth and is a really great instructor. Even though he has many credentials in the martial art’s field he is a humble man. I have been learning allot and look forward to learning more. I can truly say I am proud to be apart of his school.

  • Diedra says:

    Great place to train BJJ. This is my first time training any martail arts and I feel right at home. The coach has kept me motivated in my fitness goals and the amount of information I have learned is incredible. The team is all friendly and there are other females in the gym which makes me more comfortable.
    I would and do recommend this gym to anyone trying to set fitness goals or who want to compete.

  • Tanya says:

    Monstrinho BJJ is an excellent school. Coach Shane being a Martial Arts student his whole life has developed a genuine passion for teaching. I joined with the hopes of picking up some self defense skills and start an exciting physical fitness program, but I am proud to say it has surpassed those expectations and quickly became a lifestyle. The term ‘they treat you like family’ is 100% accurate! Joining the Monstrinho team definitely makes me feel like I’ve met the teacher and team that can take my skills to the next level and eventually start competing.

    The growing kids program is impressive to watch too. Coach is super patient with the kids, but still firm with his lesson. He really promotes these kids to be better individuals on and off the mat. Keeping class fun with different games and getting to know each of the kids on a individual level is also very important to him.

    The school is kept clean and always open to spectators. Come down and observe a class… or better yet, participate! 1 week FREE trial is always running. 🙂

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