At Red Scorpion Martial Arts in Westminster, California, our mission is to make our students more successful in life through their practice of Martial Arts at our school. Our core values include: integrity, humility, honor, courage, self respect, respect for others, confidence, and self control. With Red Scorpion as a training ground, Master Shawn Shilati has passed on his experience to numerous students over the years. The result has been a group of exceptionally trained martial arts in all ages and groups. They’ve gone onto compete in various Muay Thai Kick Boxing and Tae Kwon Do championships, which attracts hundreds of competitors.

Red Scorpion also offers other dynamic approaches to physical fitness, all within a personalized atmosphere that caters to both the individual and groups. Kali, Cardio Kick-boxing, Yoga and Tai Chi are just some of the many choices available at Red Scorpion. The studio has been involved with various community projects, such as DARE, Children’s Foster Home, fund-raisers and has sponsored local school teams.

Master Shawn’s background in physical fitness started from the age of six and during his high school and college, he participated in soccer, wrestling, cycling, swimming and track and field. He is currently a sixth Degree Black Belt in the World Tae Kwon Do Federation, with over 40 years of general martial arts experience. Shawn is also a former world class elite competitor in the open international and Pan-American Tae Kwon Do Championships. When he’s “relaxing”, Master Shawn trains for Triathlon. Master Shawn has trained members of the U.S. Army, various Navy S.E.A.L. teams and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department in self-defense methodology.


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