Titan’s Dungeon in Auburn is Northern California’s premier high end sports training facility! Our 20,000 square feet training center blends together the best training and conditioning methods as well as equipment from mixed martial arts “MMA”, boxing, wrestling, bodybuilding, functional training, power lifting, caveman training, nutrition and mental toughness.

This gym is a work of art featuring: black walls, chain link fences, stained floors, a leather lounge area, camo netting, metal inspirational signs & state of the art new equipment! The beautifully decorated bathrooms feature showers, granite counters and stylish bowl sinks! Don’t expect to watch opera on our huge 16 foot HD movie screen, instead we play extreme sports and the place literally rocks with an incredible qsc sound system. “Its all about motivating you!” so open your mind and get ready to change your life!


  • Kevin says:

    Amazing Gym, a bit more expensive than your average gym but it’s worth every penny (about $59.00 a month for a year contract). Friendly staff and nice equipment, a great place to work out.

  • DB Curt says:

    this place is a joke and so are the ppl in it. the owner Titan is a total roid head and his wife hands out pills like they r kandy to anyone who looks remotely like they work out. their new “trainer” Kristy who looks like a man talks about popping pills all the time and can be see with a pharmacy of pills in the locker room like clen and fentermine which is ILLEGAL to have. they talk about working hard there but there is nothing hard about popping pills anyone can do it. most of the time they just talk sh*t about other ppl at the gym especially the kristy chick who talks about a bad errangement with titan who gave her a house and now she is moving- bad blood, chastizes him for being a christian behind his back. and she talks badly about her husband who she cheats on constantly with other men poor guy feel sorry for her kids too. titans wife is on roids you can tell. so is titan. avoid this place, def not worth it. its like high school all over, except for lots of drugs circulating around and mid life cheating. overpriced too.

  • dh says:

    DB curt…i agree! This gym is over priced and nothing but small town bullshit! I know who you are talking about! Very racist gym too!

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