Many of the self-defenses taught incorporate techniques not included in the “basic” seven, thus exposing the student to a greater variety. These include a number of throws, a few soft (redirecting) blocks, and several wrist/hand locks. Two basic self-defense strategies – a direct counter and an indirect counter – are taught for each type of attack. As students progress, they are introduced to sparring, although sparring is always optional for all students. Sparring classes range from “no contact” to “full contact.” These are usually karate sparring, although some judo sparring occurs as well. Students also are taught variations on the seven basic techniques, plus techniques that are suitable for sparring but that are not part of the “basic seven” (such as hook kicks, and ushiro ura garuma.) The style includes only two “official” kata.

Origin of Bushidokan:
Jim Harrison founded Bushidokan in the United States in the late 1960’s, and although he lives (and teaches) today in Montana, he continues to conduct self-defense seminars around the country. In the late 1950’s through mid-60’s, Harrison was one of the top judo players in the United States. Also in the late ’50’s, he began studying Shorin-Ryu karate in St. Louis and became one of that style’s top practitioners. Steve Mackey is the current chief instructor of Bushidokan Karate. His dojo lies in Overland Park, Kansas.

The Bushidokan Art is a combination of Okinawan karate, judo, and jujitsu, with the primary emphasis on karate. The karate portion of Bushidokan’s training is quite similar to Shorin-ryu – definitely Okinawan in ancestry. Each class begins with Taiso, which contains a very strong emphasis on leg stretches and abdominal conditioning. Bushidokan is best suited for those interested in effective street self-defense, tournament fighting, and fairly rugged physical conditioning.

Chief Instructor: Kris Harrison
Judo – Ju-Jitsu – Kickboxing – Mixed Martial Arts (NHB) – Goshin Jitsu (Self-Defense)

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