If you compete in mixed martial art or wrestling events and looking to improve your grappling skills, throws and takedowns, the Fort Collins Judo Club in Fort Collins, Colorado can help you! Located in the heart of Old Town, we teach traditional Judo, which follow the teachings of Jigoro Kano. We are a registered member of the USA Judo and of the Colorado Judo League. Ask us about our limited time offer for fighters or wrestlers!

Judo grappling techniques include a variety of holds, chokes and joint-locks that have proven to be very efficient in MMA competition. A number of judoka have successfully competed in mixed martial art events. From one of the world’s most renowned fighters, Fedor Emilianenko to Hidehiko Yoshida that scored victories against Dave “Tank’ Abbott, Don Frye and against the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu exponent, Royce Grace.

Most recently, Karo Parisyan caused quite a frisson when he debuted in UFC 44 (Ultimate Fighting Championship) against Dave Strasser. In that match, the six-time junior national Judo champion showed clearly how effective his Judo clinching and grappling skills were.

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