At Dauntless Practical Martial Arts, with our second location in Smyrna, Delaware, our founder Allen J. Sachetti is certified by Rickson Gracie, Royler Gracie and Luiz Palhares.  He has spent the time and designed the most comprehensive curriculum and training methods that will take you from White to Black Belt in BJJ by providing you with a proper understanding of Jiu-Jitsu principals and developing in you the most effective ability to execute detailed technique in live application. Come in and try a FREE Class for yourself.

If you want to be fighter or just train like one the Dauntless MMA System is for you. A literal masterpiece with techniques from Muay Thai, Western Boxing, Filipino Dumpag, Wrestling & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu! Our Cage Proven system will enable you with step by step progression to gain the proficiency you need to become first an amateur fighter and then a Pro if you so desire.


  • Nate Hutchins says:

    I have been pretty much to every BJJ & MMA place in Delaware and North East Maryland and I have to say that I have not rolled with a more skilled person than Allen Sachetti of Dauntless Martial Arts.

    Mr. Sachetti’s is uniquely skilled, his flow and knowledge base are incredible!! Every time I tried to do anything to him he immediately reacted to turn whatever I was doing against me!! I could’nt believe it, even moves I thought I was good at and I am a Blue Belt.

    Whats more he really knows how to teach and he has an Amazing Curriculum. At Dauntless everything is mapped out for you, from White to Blue, Blue To Purple To Brown and then Black, plus they do not hold anything back. They not only show you all of the fundementals of the technique, but then the Counter and the RECOUNTER.

    More than that Dauntless gives you all of the details that I missed in other schools. The comes because they are all very patient with their students. In other schools I did not get this.

    So from what I see anyone who is new and wants to get good at BJJ in the shortest period of time you should go to Dauntless and learn from Mr. Sachetti, Mrs. Sachetti or any of their assistants, they all follow the same curriculum and teaching methods that really focus on the student’s needs, even the ones who are not so athletically inclined.

    Nate Hutchins

  • Nate Hutchins says:

    Pretty much I have been to every school in Delaware and parts of Maryland for MMA & BJJ and I have found quite simply that Dauntless MMA is the best.

    The Chief Instructor at Dauntless is Mr. Allen Sachetti and I can tell you that I have rolled with a lot of people but no one can handle me like Mr. Sachetti. He is really amazing, especially at his age. Mr. Sachetti’s skill level is truly unique, his flow and knowledge base are incredible. Every thing I tried to do to him he quickly used against me and in ways I could not see.

    Not just this but the classes at Dauntless are always great because they have an Actual Curriculum!! The Dauntless Curriculum was created by Mr. Sachetti and it has every thing mapped out for you from White to Blue, Blue to Purple and so on.

    They leave nothing out and hold nothing back, plus they are very patient with their students, even the ones who are not so atheletically inclined or likely to be UFC champs if you know what I mean.

    Dauntless has special classes and camps too for the guys who want to fight but the service they give to the ever day guy is better than I have seen in any other school. THEY MAKE THESE GUYS GOOD TOO!!

    Not to mention the school in Smyrna is fantastic, very big with showers and a full size MMA Cage. I highly recommend it to anyone.

    Nate Hutchins

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