Welcome to Jeff Gordon’s Mixed Martial Arts Academy! We are a full service Mixed Martial Art school serving all of Maryland and the Washington, DC area. We specialize in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga, Judo/Sambo, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing and MMA. We also have some of the top instructors in the country all in one place!

Our state of the art training facility is over 9000 sq. ft. large and has 7000 sq. ft. of mat space! We are the only school in Montgomery County to house an Octagon Cage, Boxing Ring, dressing rooms and a high-intensity workout facility! So what are you waiting for? Come and check us out!


  • Samatha says:

    Jeff Gordons MMA School is by far the worst school in the DC area. I used to train at his school in Germantown, and tried a little bit at his new school. But from the time I was training, Jeff Gordon would be watching videos before each class to learn something to teach his class. He is not good at BJJ, and he does not know how to run or teach a structured class. I lost a lot of money when I had to move and he wouldn’t let me out of his contract, and was “trapped”. He even started to charge my card after my renewal was up, and he he claimed he didn’t know I was leaving the area. I never got back my money, and had to cancel my credit cards. This is not what you want when going to a school to stay in shape, especially as a woman. I am married and started bringing my kids to his kids class, and from time to time, Jeff would say some inappropriate things to me, and other woman in the class. Being married I did not appreciate this type of talk and being in the process of moving I stopped going. If you want a professional gym to train at there are many out there, my experience at Jeff’s school wasn’t very dramatic, and as you heard, I had to cancel my credit card. From the Germantown school He would never clean his mats, and all of his students and well as staff got infected with ring worm, which is extremely contagious. This is very unprofessional for an owner of a school with kids, to not clean up his own academy. While I was over at Jeff’s new school in Gaithersburg, he had the same issue of his mats being infected with ring worm, and having that many students training together only causes it to spread faster! Keep away from this school, as it will only kill your credit card, and will not get the appropriate training needed to be a complete fighter. I never saw Jeff teach any of his classes or my kids classes, and he was the owner…. he just sits around, and lets ring worm build up in the cage and mats. Thank you all for listening to my horrible experience at this school, and please keep your kids away from this school. Please go visit Evolve academy, Yamasaki, and LA Boxing!

  • kevin says:

    This MMA school is a fraud and the owner is a real jerk.

  • JT says:

    It’s easy to flame people anonymously on the Internet. I know Jeff Gordon, have trained with him and can say Jeff has a good school with great coaches like Pedro Sauer.

    If you’re interested in any MMA gym, try it out for yourself before letting bogus post like the ones before this sway your decision and prevent you from training a good school.

  • Alex says:

    I am not sure who these bitter people reviewing the school are and I can only speak for myself when I say that JG’s school is not at all like that. The people are great, the instruction is great and the place is clean. I have been there for several years and its the nicest place around this area. Come see for yourself, 30 day free trial to check out BJJ, Muay Thai, Boxing, Krav Maga, NoGI wrestling and Judo

  • John says:

    Its funny how “bret” and “brice” make the same mistakes of using comas for apostrophes and not spelling asshole as one word. Also “samantha” apparently stayed at a school that was ringworm infested through its move to a new location, brought her kids to this “ringworm” infected place, then waited almost 3 years to write a negative review, saw the owner watch videos before teaching a class but never saw the owner teach a class. You should work on becoming a better troll. I’m not sure if you thought that stealing is illegal. If some one was stealing from a bunch of people, wouldn’t they be able to get their money back? This is obviously someone just interested in bad mouthing the school. Probably a bitter student or competing school. Be intelligent and go check out schools for yourself.

    Brice and Bret are obviously the same person. They both misspell asshole as ass hole and use comas instead of apostrophes. Samantha is also either a fake or the worst mother ever. You say the school was “infested with ringworm” and you bring your kids there? It was infested in Germantown and yet you go to the Gaithersburg location? The Gaithersburg school has been open for 3 years now. You say in the beginning of the rant that you saw Jeff watching videos before teaching a class and then later you say that you have never seen him teach a class. If you are gonna troll at least be consistant.

  • brian says:

    who ever you are john you must be a Jeff Gordon ass kisser because the comments Brice and Bret and Samatha said are true!!

  • Josh says:

    I am currently a student at Jeff Gordon’s MMA and also worked there. I have been mainly training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for almost two years now. Jeff Gordon is a great teacher and supportive of all students understanding techniques and concepts of BJJ. The school is very well maintained and equipped. As saying goes “believing is seeing”, come out check out for yourselves!!!

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