NURFCE (In Your Face) Relson Gracie Association is located in Potomac Falls, Virginia, and represents the Displine, Confidence, Respect and Family atmosphere that comes with Gracie Jiu Jitsu. NURFCE focuses on teaching Relson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu strictly to kids and teens (no adults) as a proud affiliate of Relson Gracie.



  • Chris Thomason says:

    I’m 24 with pretty much no experience but I would love to learn some things. I currently work A LOT, but like I said I would love to learn. I’m interested in BJJ or MuayThai. I took 3 years of Karate a long time ago but I don’t really remember any of it. I would like to learn more about your MMA gym if you have the time it would be nice to receive an email of some details. (hours of operation,Types of fighting styles,Etc…) Thanks

  • droc says:

    Please read our description above, and also visit their website. Their contact info is listed should you have any questions or concerns. I believe you should contact them as they offer everything that you’re interested in!

  • atiya turner says:

    i want to know more about your gym cause i been lookin for a gym to train at and i have no experience

  • droc says:

    Atiya, if you want to know more beyond their website, we suggest that you stop on by or give them a call!

  • J says:

    I recently attempted to go to this gym only to find out that it is now an auto-body shop.Does anyone know if they moved to a new location or went out of buisness?

  • J says:

    i recently attempted to visit thig gym only to find out that it is now an auto-body shop does any one know if they went out of buisness or moved?

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