The World Famous 5th Street Gym has reopened in Miami Beach, Florida, and will accommodate everyone from professional boxers and mixed martial arts fighters training for upcoming bouts as well as men and women needing a place to work out. The 5th St. Gym got its start in 1950 when Chris Dundee began promoting big time boxing in Miami Beach.

5th Street Gym became the celebrated University of Boxing, overseen by Chris, the “Wizard of Oz”, and his brother Angelo, the “Prince of Oz”. The gym was also a magnet for a wide range of international celebrities including Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, Jackie Gleason, Malcolm X, The Beatles, Sean Connery, Frank Sinatra, Sylvester Stallone, and a myriad of others who were absorbed into the gym’s legendary mystique. Boxing people the world over sent their fighters to be trained at the 5th St. gym. Every possible thing that could be taught about this grim profession of boxing was taught by the Wizard. It originally lasted around four decades and created countless world champions, such as Carmen Basilio, Willie Pastrano and the greatest of them all, Cassius Clay-who then became the ubiquitous Muhammad Ali. He still remains the shining accomplishment of Oz (5th St. Gym).


  • constantine christophides says:

    I always was enamored with any kind of competitive fighting,however,having boxed back in greece when i was a teen,boxing is my preference.I live in miami beach,so i was interested to see the 5th street gym only for nostalgic reasons.Well,when I entered the people that worked there were so nice and explained that eventhough I was non competitive,i could do their training for fitness.Now that i’m a member,i get better boxing training than i had when i was an international amateur boxer,and my wife and daughters get amazing workouts from the classes.What a great place to get in shape.

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