New Generation Combative Arts of Ormond Beach, Florida offers Hybrid Martial Arts Training, and is also the best fight gym in Volusia County. Head Instructor Bob Fitzgerald has a background in MMA and 20+ years in Kenpo Karate. His experience includes many aspects of real world combat as well as the best self defense instruction in town!


  • Allied Forces Fight Club says:

    Best MMA gym in Volusia County. Mr. Fitzgerald is very knowledgeable in many aspects of fighting. My time there was a great experience. You’d be hard pressed to find a more knowledgable instructor in Central Florida. This is no Mc Dojo. I have trained for years in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and he made me feel like a newbie with his skills. He’s energetic, inspiring and fun. I have also brought my skills in the ring to a level I never expected.

  • Jeff T. says:

    Ya, right! Real Instructors lead by example. First of all, you are the most ill conditioned, self proclaimed, instructor period. You have very much to learn before you are worthy and capable of instructing! You only speak negative of other people,Family,friend and foe!Think before you speak! I could go on all day,you will not listen or learn.Sorry,you lose!

  • Ron says:

    Mr. Fitzgerald is an excellent instructor. He makes learning easy. He is the best instructor I have found in the Volusia County Area. He’s great with kids and has knowledge in many different areas of fighting. He is also well respected by some real legends and his self defense is second to none. It is a great experience working with him.

  • Rich M says:

    Wow, Jeff T seemsto have anger issues. Mr. Bob is a great instructor and is far from self proclaimed, he’s a student of Frank Trejo. Mr. Bob is patient and highly skilled. As for his condition I can only hope to be in as good shape when I turn 45 and have multiple disk issues. This is a very well rounded program and everyone could benefit from Mr. Bob’s teachings. Jeff T could probably learn a little anger managment. LOL!!!

  • Jon says:

    That’s because Jeff’s real name is Marcie! At least Bob is doing something positive. WTF have you done Jeff? How about you lead by example and shut the f@#! up if you don’t have anything positive to say or even remotely constructive! The real loser here is you! Bob is a great teacher and a great guy. If you want to put your assumptions about bob being ill conditioned you should be a ‘man’ and challenge him to a sparing match but i’m willing to bet money that your sorry arse is chicken shit!

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